Monday, February 19, 2018

DIY Easter Decor: An Easter Chick

Hello! Welcome to another Creative Paperclay® tutorial! My favorite crafts are holiday crafts and with Easter fast approaching I will be doing a series of simple Easter decoration tutorials using Creative Paperclay®. The first of these is an Easter chick. How cute is he?

This is a simple tutorial and great for beginners.

You will need the following supplies:

Creative Paperclay®
acrylic paint
sculpting tools
templates for feet and wings (see below)

Easter Chick
Template for wings and feet. Please size for your needs.

Follow the steps below to make your Easter Chick.

Step 1

Cut end off the styrofoam egg (the wider end) so it can stand by itself.

Step 2

 Insert toothpick for the beak. Use glue to secure.

Step 3

Use foil to form the shape of the beak and secure with hot glue.

Step 4

Coat egg with white glue and cover with clay. Ensure you press on firmly so no air is trapped.

Step 5

Cut out feet, smooth edges and set aside.

Step 6

Cut out wings.

Step 7

Attach wings using a dab of water and smooth seams.

Step 8

Attach the feet with a dab of water and smooth.

Step  9

Set aside to dry.

Step 10

Paint with you favorite acrylics. I used Americana Yellow Moon.

Step 11

Draw on the eyes.

Step 12

Paint the eyes.

Step 13

Paint the beak and feet orange. I used Americana Pumpkin.

Step 14

Use a tool to make a small hole at top of the head and at the tail to insert feathers. Add a little glue and insert feathers.

Your done!

You can also follow along in the video below as I show you how to make this cute Easter chic to add to your Easter decor.

You can find Creative Paperclay® online at Creative Paperclay Co and also at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Dickblick and Amazon.

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