Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Scarecrow ornament on a stick

Supplies Needed:

Creative Paperclay
rolling utensil
piece of cotton fabric for texturing
craft glue
2" Styrofoam ball
paper drinking straw
1 piece of floral wire
1 decorative paper napkin
string for hanger and hat
black permanent pen
orange permanent marker
pink  permanent marker
gauze type fabric or raffia 
makeup sponge

ArtDeco products for painting

Asphaltum paint
blue for neck
Antique White
Crackle Glaze
Antiquing cream in black and raw umber

To begin with roll out paperclay 
You want a circle sort of shape and it should bee about 1/8" thick

next lay out piece of fabric

lay clay circle on fabric and roll over it again
this give you a fabric texture

Put glue on top of Styrofoam ball

Lay paperclay on ball with texture on the outside

gently wrap around ball

Notice you sort of have gather spots at the bottom
this is a good thing

Push straw into bottom of ornament

roll out a piece of clay about 2" x 8"

add to the bottom of the head...sort of gathering it with your fingers

roll out a snake

Make a snake fold in half

twist to make rope for the neck

attach rope with glue

make small ball press on rope and mark with X this makes it look like a knot

Mark stitching up center of face

floral wire

wrap around a pencil 

clip ends of wire to make a hanger for ornament

press into top of head dab of glue

Gesso head 
let dry

Paint entire piece Asphaltum

Let Dry

Using makeup sponge 
sponge antique white on to entire piece

when it dries...use permanent maker and make two circles
for cheeks and a triangle nose
outline with permanent black pen
let dry....

Coat entire piece using crackle glaze
let dry and you will see cracks appear
(I usually wait for several hours)

Paint entire piece with antiquing cream
let dry...using a damp cloth wipe off excess
leaving in cracks 

Making Hat

cut two circles from your napkin

remove the back layer of napkin off

paint decou-page on backs of both circles

sandwich together 

arrange on head let will remove after dry

once hat is dry sponge black antiquing cream on edges of hat to cover up 
any white areas

I used a gauze type fabric for hair but raffia works great too

glue hair in place

glue hat in place and run needle thru the hanger which is under hat
pull thread and tie a hanger

Glue gauze or raffia under the head around the straw

Hope you enjoy making him....Happy Fall 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Halloween Scenes with Creative PaperClay

Hello again!  This month I bring you Halloween scenes from my Middle School polymer clay after-school program.  I offer clay sessions 4 times a year.  This is the first, running from September-October, with 6 one hour classes in the session.  I never know how many students will take advantage of the after-school program.  This time around I have 4, which is a joy when you consider I normally have a classroom full (20-30 students) during my "normal" class times.

I introduced the students to foil armatures and Creative PaperClay to start the session.  With a variety of ability levels, I was pleased to see all of them take to the project so easily.  We began with sketches of what each envisioned for individual scenes.  After that, it was time to get to work!

I handed them each a large piece of foil.  I demoed how to scrunch the foil (carefully) into the basic tree trunk shape.
The top was then torn into a few sections and scrunched (yes, that is the technical term) into branches.

I encouraged them to create the shape slowly.  Foil can be compacted more as the desired shape emerges.  They excited got to work on their trees.


Now the fun part: Covering the armature in Creative PaperClay.  I showed them how easy it is to use, flattening pieces with my fingers or a rolling pin. 
I also showed them how areas can be smoothed out by dipping a finger into water and rubbing over the spot that needs a tweak. 
They all got to work.


  Soon we had 4 amazing haunted trees!  A couple of the students also created accessories for their scenes from the PaperClay: a tombstone, a creepy hand coming out of the tree, a tiny mouse friend.  All were set aside to dry until the next class.  

The plan was to paint the trees and then start on accessories for the scene, but all decided to work on polymer pieces before painting.  I have to admit it was a great decision on their parts, because when we finally painted the trees and glued them to ceramic tile bases the scenes were able to come to life! 
Let the painting commence...


Once the trees and accessories were painted it was time to begin to put scenes together (goodie!!).
Pieces were positioned and glued.  Some (notice the swing) were hung in place. 
Do you see Hannah's mouse?  Such teeny tiny details created from the Paperclay!

  Check out the swirly detail in Nia's tree!  She designed many of the swirls with open centers to hang pieces.
Isabelle had to have a swing (one of our engineering challenges).  I think it worked out great!  
Peter still wants to add a few touches.  His tombstone needs to be glued in place, but first, he wanted to create a hill type base for it (back to the Creative PaperClay).  I hope you can see the creepy hand reaching out of the tree towards Shrek!

I was so excited to watch the excitement as the original sketches came to life!  All but one looked and decided a few more touches are needed.   I am super excited about what they accomplished.  I can hardly wait to see what these talented students come up with next!