Thursday, March 28, 2013

Recycled Jar: Abstract Flower Vase

abstract flower vase
Items used for this project:
Acrylic craft paint
A jar
Gold Leaf
I started by making the "lattice" part by rolling out some small snakes with the Creative Paperclay.
Then I applied the snakes to the jar and flattened them out.
Next I made some circles for the flowers.
Once everything was dry I painted the "lattice" green and added accents with some gold leaf.  Then I painted the flowers blue and pink and adhered them to the lattice once the were dry.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wine List

Good morning Brenda here and welcome to another Creative Paperclay® post.

Before I share my project with you, I would like to remind you that there is a Design Team call going on here.  I believe you have until April 11th to sign up, but click on the link above and check out all the details.  This is my second term and I'm not sure I will be reapplying.  Not that I don't enjoy working with the products, but I may let some new talent step in.  It's going to be sad leaving the team as I have learned so much and enjoyed being a part of the team tremendously.  Creative Paperclay® is definitely a fabulous product and I will for sure continue using now onto my project.

I had received a wine bottle holder for Christmas
yes, I am a Vikings fan and proud of it  :) 
In this shoe there was this tag and I got the idea to use it as a pattern for a Wine List! 
So I laid it ontop of my Creative Paperclay® after I rolled it out about an 1/8 of an inch. 
I just used my craft knife and traced around the pattern of the bottle. 
laid it out to dry...Hindsight, I wish I had NOT cut out the holes, but I really didn't know where this project was going when I started it. 
Here are the holes I cut out. 
Then I painted the bottle silver with some acrylic paints and used some old style letter rubons and added the word WINE LIST to the top of the bottle. 
I added a mini clothespin so I could also use it as an actual list, but again, hindsight, I would have covered up the WINE LIST wording, so.... 
instead I used a transparency and used the template to cut the exact size out and now I have a dry erase wine list... 

see, dry it  
I really like the way it came together.  I added a magnet to the back and now it can hang on my refrigerator and when I finish a bottle I can just write what I am in need of...LOL  Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you back soon.  Remember, you can always find me here and see what other projects I've come up with.  
As always, have a great day and God Bless.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Daruma Doll

I have been seeing more and more of these darling Japanese Durama Dolls.
Considered a toy, it is also used as a special gift of encouragement.
So I decided to use Delight ™, air dry modeling compound, to create my own!

Delight ™
acrylic craft paints: black, red, gold
fine tipped paint brush

First, form your head into a roundish, egg-shaped form. 
Be sure to give it a nose and a somewhat flat bottom
so that it can "Nana Korobi Yaoki!"  (Fall down 7 times, get up 8!)
Allow sufficient time for your doll to dry.

Then, paint your doll.
The traditional colors are red, black, and gold.
Red is for good luck in Eastern Cultures.
Again, allow sufficient drying time in between colors so you can get
a fine contrast between colors.

By using Delight ™, you will already have a white face.
Leave the eyes blank.
Then, once you decide on a goal, fill in one eye.  Place the Daruma 
in a key location so that when you see it, you will recall the goal that you 
are working on!

Be sure to leave the back of your doll blank.
When you have completed your goal, fill in the 2nd eye
and write the finished goal on the back of your Durama!

This was an enjoyable project...and I am thinking that it would be fun
for kids to make as well.  Just think...crafting, playing...and goal setting! All rolled into one!

Thanks for stopping by today!
Dawn Mercedes, Sunnyside Up

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jess B's - Spring Bunny is coming!

Hello Everyone

Here is a fun little Easter wall decor
I made with DelightTM

making beautiful colors of spring
anticipating Easter eggs, baskets, and oodles of candy
with latex gloves, I cut DelightTM into 5 sections
placed a dollop of paint and mixed together

rolled out the DelightTMand used mini cookie cutters 
 they dry instantly with a soft foamy texture
I applied to a wooden petal shaped wall hanging
from the dollar store

I also used Creative Paperclay®
for the bunny to give it more dimension

The girls asked me to hang this on their bedroom
door. It made them smile!

This is a great easter basket stuffer
You have to try DelightTM
it's a wonderful product and the children can also
have fun making their own craft.

One package has mysteriously disappeared...
I wonder who took it? 

Happy Easter

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Paper clay eyeglass holder

Hi everyone
My project with paper clay
It is a Holder for eye glasses

"Creative Paperclay® modeling material"
 Have a look great project to make.

Paper Clay
 I use Creamcoat by Delta
(I think is covers the best)
Ink Pen
Waterbase Varnish

                                                                             I like the colors
They could match your room.
 My next is going to match my kitchen yellows and blue
Pick your colors
I base coat all color them add dots and trim, then ink around all
Seal with water bace varnish
I hope you enjoy and make many

Friday, March 15, 2013

March Tip from Rachel Whetzel

It's no secret. I have a love affair with sandpaper. I use it all the time on my projects with Creative Paperclay® modeling material, and then I tried my hand at using Delight TM air dry modeling compound. So naturally, I had to try sandpaper with that too!! Sanding on Delight TM modeling material is totally doable! It sands similarly to a very tight grained styrofoam would. Not as smoothly as Creative Paperclay. I recommend using a fine grit sandpaper when sanding Delight TM modeling material. So there you have it! Now you too can feel the pull of the packages of sandpaper as you walk the isles at your local hardware store. I mean, I shouldn't be the only person with a sandpaper collection, should I?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Annie's Quick Tip for March

Did you know that you can use rubber stamps to stamp into Creative Paperclay? Before the Creative Paperclay is dry you can stamp into it with rubber stamps to add letters, designs or texture to your project.  You can also make some pretty cool embellishments for just about any project using this technique.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Design Team Call

Creative PaperClay Design Team Call
Creative Paper Clay® is looking for a few awesome Mixed Media Artists to showcase Creative Paperclay® Paperclay® and Delight Products!! If you LOVE play with Paperclay and find the idea of making your own Embellishments and Sculptures show us what you can do!!

We're looking for talented artists and designers who know how to inspire others to create. For those that also seek opportunities to have their Paperclay® work prominently featured, Creative Paperclay®Design Team is a great fit!

What’s expected of a Creative Paperclay® Design Team Member?
* Ability to create compelling projects that showcase Creative Paperclay® products
* Experience taking good photos or scans of projects
* Active interaction with members of Creative Paperclay® facebook and blog as they discover YOUR WONDERFUL DESIGNS!!

What are the responsibilities of a Creative Paperclay® Design Team Member?
* The Creative Paperclay® Design Team is a 6 month hitch, from May 1, 2013 – Oct 31, 2013
* Create a minimum of 1 (one) projects per month and one (1) help hint for using Creative Paperclay Products. Post them on both your blog and Creative Paperclay® blog on your assigned dates each month. Date assignments will be given when the team is picked.
* Participate on Creative Paperclay® Facebook - this is a MUST!
* Submit work for publication. Creative Paperclay® will share project submission opportunities from their editorial contacts.
* Take part in one Blog Hop during the 6 months.  Date to be announced.
* Promote Creative Paperclay®! Post projects created during your six-month term on other online galleries and blogs. Include working links to Creative Paperclay® blog and to products used on Creative Paperclay® website.

What are the rewards of a Creative Paperclay® Design Team member?
* Your bio, picture and link(s) on Creative Paperclay® blog
* Promotion of your work and projects to Creative Paperclay® Newsletter, Facebook and Blog members, a growing international community.
* FREE product (over $100 value) in two shipments: One for the first 3 months and another for the second 3 months

Apply today! Here's how:
1) Send your bio, blog address and facebook info to with “DT applications” in the subject line (this way you don’t end up in Junk Mail – I get lots of spam)
2) 1st Deadline: Must have bio to Terri Sproul by April 10th (

3) 2nd Deadline: Submit/Post 1 project on your blog on or by April 11th 12AM EST to be viewed.
This post must include:  a) The Creative Paperclay® logo (you will be sent logo when you send your bio to Terri Sproul)   Step by step directions on how to make this project with links to Creative Paperclay®blog and website. Your submission project can be anything you love to make ... Scrapbook, Cards, Mixed Media, Altered Art, Eco-Art… just think outside the box and impress me…

4) Join our facebook and blog - this is a MUST and is very important to the success of our team!
5) All entries MUST utilize   Creative Paperclay®.   Work submitted must be recent and can be previously published or displayed on blogs or online galleries.

What to include with your emailed submission –

* We want to know all about you! Send in your bio
* Please describe your style (genre): Scrapbook, rubber stamp, mixed media, vintage, altered art, eco-art, urban, etc.
* Why would you like to be on the Creative Paperclay® Design Team?
* Are you frugal, organized, have marketing ideas etc.. please share what strengths you can bring to our team.
* Include the link to your active blog
* Are you active on any Forums or Message Boards? (Please List)
* Give an example of a class or technique you would like to share with
others. If it is one you have done previously please describe or link to it.
* Please list any other manufactures or store/kit DT’s you've been on or are currently on. Do you
have a scrapbook resume, or a link to a gallery,? Please share it with us.

Final decisions will be made the week of April 18th. Creative Paperclay’s®
Design Team will be announced shortly thereafter!!

Good Luck!!!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Brenda's March Quick Tip

Welcome to another quick tip.  I'm running out of tips as we all have been giving you so many ideas, but I'm sure I can think of a quick one...
I guess maybe this isn't a tip as much as a reminder that Creative Paperclay® is an air dry clay and whatever you are making will have shrinkage.  If you do a cut out of something over the drying time it will shrink up a bit.  Therefore it may give you cracks or crevices.  They can easily be fixed by adding a slip with the clay.  Mix a bit of clay with water till you get a creamy substance and fill in your gaps.
Remember, you can buy Creative Paperclay® locally at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and even some Joann's carry it.
See you next time and as always have a great day and God Bless.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dawnmercedes' March Tip

As promised, here are some helpful tips for dying Delight ™!

Here is a magnet I posted last month.
Don't you love the color!
You can create all sorts of colors using your reinkers.

rubber gloves
Delight ™

I have found all sorts of uses for Frisbees. 
If you are like us, you'd have to be an Octopus to be able to use them all! haha

Why not put them to use in your craft room!
They are reuseable.
They are washable.
There is a lip to keep things "in place."
And, they come in all sorts of pretty colors!

Tear off a hunk of modeling compound.
Smoosh it a bit...and add some reinkers.
Get creative...mix shades of reinkers to come up with your very own green color!
Remember, start off light with your colors. It's easier to add more to go darker.
Getting it lighter...well, that's another ball of Delight ™!  

I used rubber gloves to protect my hands when kneading 
Delight ™.

Remember to store the extra Delight ™ in an airtight container.
Or...stay up late using it up on another project!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jess B's - Flowers are Blooming

Hello Everyone
I wanted to bring some vibrant colors
to cheer up spirits
as we are still in the winter season

Nana is doing better
sitting up, walking, and eating!
Just all around good :o)

I have been fascinated by
mixed media and all the textures that
can bring decor to life
I feel a shift in my creativity
I used Creative Paperclay®, heart cookie cutters, flourish clear stamp, and a candy bowl
to create the flower shap.  Bake according to the instructions.
I a long canvas that I pulled out bring acrylic paints and 
used an old hotel card to combine the paints

Adirondack Color Wash, 
Lindy's Stamp Gang Sprays - Flat Fabios
 Dylusion Sprays

Tattered Angel Notes from Garden with StazOn Olive Green Ink

Added sequins to the center of the flowers

I had some foam stamps and decided to write the words in Spanish


Thanks for stopping by
see you in a couple of weeks