Saturday, February 23, 2013

Brenda's Wine Plaque

Good morning, Brenda here again and welcome to another project using Creative Paperclay®.  I love recreating things I see in the stores for a fraction of the cost and today I am here to show you how you can make your own signs.  I am slowly turning my dining room into a "wine" motif.  I love wine and thought I'd like to have a wine room.  I then need to have a sign for my "wine" room and here is how I started. 
For Christmas I received this awesome vanity mirror and the box it came in was so super sturdy I threw it into my "recycle" room.  Yes, I have a room dedicated to recylceable crap as hubby calls it.  I might have a small problem...

I cut the cardboard down to the size I wanted my plaque to be and cut two pieces of it. 
Then I mod podged those two pieces together and held them in place with some clothespins to dry. 
It only takes a few minutes to completely dry.    
If you were here in the beginning of the month I had my February tip and that's when I told you you could cover most anything with paperclay and didn't even need to use any bonding stuff.  I am here to show you how to do that.
I rolled my paperclay fairly thin and just wrapped it around the cardboard pieces.  Make sure to get the corners good.  You can always add a bit of clay to the backside if needed. 
This is how it looks all wrapped up. 
Then I used my brick embossing folder and just layed it on top of the paperclay wrapped cardboard and pressed ever so gently.  You can using a rolling pin for this also. 
and here is my embossed plaque,  make sure you let it dry completely.  This took about 24 hours to dry. 
Then I painted it with red acrylic paint, but it was too red for me. 
I watered down some brown acrylic paint and painted, wiped,  
painted, wiped until I got the affect I was looking for. 
I used an emery board and distressed the plaque a bit more.  I was going for that weathered look. 
Then I cut the words Cheer up a little out of some chipboard using my cricut and laid that upon my plaque 
to use as a stencil and 
using white acrylic paint I stenciled those words. 
Pretty cool so far, huh? 
I got the word Wine and a tiny cork screw out of vinyl also using my cricut and attached them to the plaque.
I also used some tiny clothespins and painted them brown to use as wine glass charms so everyone knows whose glass is theirs.

I cut some tiny "wine bottles" out of reddish cardstock and glued them to the front of the clothespins and just attached them to the plaque with some hot glue 
added some beaded wine charms that I also made and voila 
 I am so very happy with the way this turned out.  I've seen plaques in the stores for as little as $5 to as much as $30 and this project not only didn't hardly cost me any money, but I made it my OWN.

Thank you so much for coming by today and checking out my Creative Paperclay® project and I hope to see you again real soon.  As always, have a great day and God Bless.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Shamrock Pin

Today, I thought I'd play aorund with Delight ™.
This air dry, modeling compound can easily be colored.
(I'll post a tutorial March be sure to stop back here!)

I love celebrating..anything. But it must be a family thing.
When my younger sisters were growing up, they loved to wear pins and buttons
that proclaimed "Kiss me, I'm Irish!"
So, when my father tracked down our Irish history, you can imagine my sisters were 
extra joyful that St. Patty's Day!

Here's a pin to wear if your are Irish...or if you just like to celebrate!


You may want to make this into a locker magnet as my daughter did.
I love sharing crafting with my kids!
(And yes, I think she showed me up on the decorating!!)

Delight ™...dyed green
Rolling Pin
Scalloped heart cutters
Dew Drop embellishments from The Robin's Nest
Pin backing
Glue Gun

1. Roll out Delight ™.
2.  Cut out 3 hearts.

3. Gently press them together to form a shamrock.
4.  Let dry.
5.  Decorate the front as you wish.
6.  Add a pin back or magnet.

My DD just announced that she wants to make more things with Delight ™.
Go buy some Delight ™ and spend one on one time with your child.
The time is priceless.

Thanks for stopping by again!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jess B's - Under the Sea

Hello Everyone,

Can you tell I want to be somewhere warm
Heck I always want to be somewhere warmer than the 
mid west
I always tell my mom that she had me in the 
wrong month (November) and in the wrong country
I am not a fan of cold weather 
but this is where we are

The sea is full of rich
intense bright colors
that we can only try to mimic


Wooden heart 
I painted gesso on the entire heart for color spraying later
  wanted wall piece to be 3-dimension
I rolled balls of Creative Paperclay®, flattened and curved each piece
with finger to look like a sea coral bed
 not the best rendition but it works
 Baked Creative Paperclay® and sprayed with
Adirondack - Color Wash - Stream
Lindy's Stamp Gang - Flat Fabio - Ocean Breeze Blue & Aloha Avocado
Tattered Angels - Iridescent Gold
I streamed hot glue on the edge or heart
and sprayed Steam and Iridescent Gold 
Pounced gold pigment gold to make the textured hot glue pop

thanks for stopping by
see you soon

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Gourd Brooch made with a Creative Paperclay® Embellishment

 I like things that have a little bling or kick to them so I decided that I'd like to have a gourd brooch that was embellished with Paperclay. I used a book just out by Maria Dellos on ink and gourds for a little inspiration.

I started out with just a piece of gourd that I had carved out of a scrap of gourd and with a face that I had already formed in a mold and which was already dry. (It helped to get things moving along a bit faster. I then attached the face to the gourd with just a little E6000.)
Before attaching the face I woodburned some squiggles on the gourd piece. I then painted the face with some metallic acrylic paint in gold, blue, & copper touches. 
 Once the face was attached I used some more Paperclay to make a scarf to go around the face. I then painted the scarf with metallics. (Topaz, Sapphire, Copper, Gold, Green, & Purple) It really turned into a beautiful scarf. I added a little glue and some glitter on the bottom side to enhance the scarf.
But was that enough? Oh no my friends! I then took some multi-colored yarn, wire, and some beads and added a little bling to it. I then added a pin back to the piece so that I can wear it as a brooch. As you can see that end result wasn't bad, hmmmmm, no not bad at all!

Please pardon the pictures which were taken with a black background, but trust me the whites just wouldn't photograph very well sitting on white. I love my new brooch don't you? I also love Creative Paperclay and have used it for a long time, even before gourd art. It's very easy to work with and cleans up easily with just water.  It has stood out and become my favorite clay to work with on gourds.


February Tip from Rachel Whetzel

My tip this month has to do with water. Use water with your clay to accomplish a few things. When adding layers, it is helpful to use water on your dried surface, and to wet your clay a bit. Doing so imitates the same principle that earthen clay 'slip' does. When the surface you are adding your clay to is more dry and porous than the clay you are adding, it can actually repel your clay. Adding water to dry paperclay or dry wood makes the surface more receptive to the clay. When you're stamping, or making repairs, you may find that your stamps "pull" the clay off of the surface you're stamping, or that they stick to your stamps and molds. If this happens, make sure the UNDERSIDE of your clay and the surface it is on is more wet than the surface you're stamping. Then, allow the surface you are stamping to DRY a little before you stamp! A slightly dry clay surface makes it easier for the mold or stamp to release. The quick and simple formula? Water=Sticky Dry=Easy release. There you go!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quick Tip for February

Ceramic Tiles come in handy when working with Creative Paperclay.  Whether your working on small pieces or making a bigger sculpture out of Creative Paperclay, working on a ceramic tile makes your easy to move and adjust.  You can also put your piece in the oven right on the tile.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Brenda's February Quick Tip

Good morning...Brenda here with another quick tip.  I'm not sure how good of a tip this is, but did you know you can cover most anything with the Creative Paperclay®?  And what's even best of all is that you hardly ever need any glue to do it.  I've covered metal, glass and chipboard and never used glue to attach it.  Make sure to come back in a couple of weeks to check out what I did with the paperclay covered onto some chipboard.  I'm pretty sure you will love it.  You can go here to purchase your paperclay or check out Michaels or Joann's.  Thanks for stopping by today and see you in a couple of weeks.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Dawn Mercedes' February Tip

What do you do when you come to the scrap end of your package of 
Creative Paperclay © package?
You might not have immediate plans to create with it.
You are afraid that it might dry out too quickly?
You are a worry me! haha

My tip to you for using some of those small left over pieces...
Make some BEADS.  They are quick and cute.  
Any shape will work.
Once they are dry, you can save them to use as an embellishment
on a future project!

Remember, you can me beads of any size and shape...more than squares and spheres.
Here, these are funky shaped beads. I molded them on the skewer.  
The funkier the better...don't you think?

Thanks for stopping by today.
I hope your day is delightful!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jess B's - Sacred Heart Shrine

Hello Everyone,
February is here and Love is in the air!

today I created 

Creative Paperclay®  mixed with red acrylic paint
Painted cross black
 used candy mold to shape hearts
Used toothpicks, glue, and glitter
pierced holes along the heart to be able to insert the toothpicks
baked Creative Paperclay® according to directions

love the imperfections in the heart
added glittered toothpicks

decorated the cross
 added Tim Holtz idea-ology adornments
(added some turquoise acrylic paints to give the patina look
added some roses to complete

The Sacred Heart (also known as Most Sacred Heart of Jesus) is one of the most widely practiced and well known devotions, takingJesus' physical heart as the representation of his divine love for humanity.
This devotion is predominantly used in the Catholic Church and among some high-church Anglicans and Lutherans. The devotion especially emphasizes the unmitigated love, compassion, and long-suffering of the heart of Christ towards humanity. The origin of this devotion in its modern form is derived from a French Roman Catholic nun, Marguerite Marie Alacoque, who said she learned the devotion from Jesus during a mystical experience. Predecessors to the modern devotion arose unmistakably in the Middle Ages in various facets of Catholic mysticism.[1]
In the Roman Catholic tradition, the Sacred Heart has been closely associated with Acts of Reparation to Jesus Christ. In hisencyclical Miserentissimus Redemptor, Pope Pius XI stated: "the spirit of expiation or reparation has always had the first and foremost place in the worship given to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus".[2] The Golden Arrow Prayer directly refers to the Sacred Heart.
Devotion to the Sacred Heart is sometimes seen in the Eastern Catholic Churches, where it remains a point of controversy and is seen as an example of Liturgical Latinisation.
The Sacred Heart is often depicted in Christian art as a flaming heart shining with divine light, pierced by the lance-wound, encircled by the crown of thorns, surmounted by a cross and bleeding. Sometimes the image is shown shining within the bosom of Christ with his wounded hands pointing at the heart. The wounds and crown of thorns allude to the manner of Jesus' death, while the fire represents the transformative power of divine love.
The Feast of the Sacred Heart has been in the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar since 1856, and is celebrated 19 days afterPentecost. As Pentecost is always celebrated on Sunday, the Feast of the Sacred Heart always falls on a Friday.

Thanks for stopping by