Friday, July 28, 2017

Making Images on Creative Paperclay®

I love image transfers and have even written a book, Image Transfer Workshop, for Northlight so thought I would do a piece doing a transfer directly on the Creative Paperclay®. It turned out better than I expected.

Creative Paperclay®
Toner image
Chartpak Admarker Colorless Blender
Micaceous Iron Oxide paint

I started by gluing a doily on my panel and applying gesso when the glue had dried. Next, I applied a shape of paper clay to the surface that fit my toner image. I rolled out the clay and cut the shape on some waxy paper then laid it on the surface and removing the wax paper.

Next, I laid the toner image facing down on the dry paper clay and applied the blender pen to the back in small areas. I burnished the image then reapplied a second time before moving on to a larger area.

You can do a perfect transfer with a little patience. I prefer a slightly grunge look that I paint back into.

I added a wash of the Micaceous Iron Oxide paint and let dry.

Next it was the small details.

Have fun with this cool product and Dream in Color.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Parisian Dream Cameo Card Featuring Delight™ Compound

Hi Friends:  I love to use Delight™ air dry modeling compound on my mixed media cards because the items that I make are so lightweight and easy to add to the cards.  You can use Delight™ with fondant molds to make some really beautiful embellishments.  For this project, I used some molds to create a Parisian-based card with a lovely cameo focal point.  I saw these Eiffel Tower inspired favor boxes on clearance in one of the big box stores and I just knew they would be great on cards.  And I knew that I had the ideal cameo and frame molds on hand to create the focal point to go with it.

Detail images:

Directions: Please see my video tutorial for full instructions for this project:

Supply List:
Delight™ air dry modeling compound
Prima Salvage District 6X6 Paper Pad (Amazon)
Ranger Adirondack Metallics Acrylic Paint Dabbers, Silver (Amazon)
Tim Holtz Ideology Quote Chips (Amazon)
Yunko Oval Lady Mirror Frames Silicone Mold (Amazon)
SK Frame Sugarcraft Oval Mirror Frames Silicone Mold (Amazon)
Prima Distress Tool (SSS)
Prima Chalk Fluid Edger - Black Coal (Amazon)
Aleene's Tacky Glue (Amazon)
Beacon 3-In-1 Advanced Craft Glue (Amazon)
Prima Marketing Memory Hardware Artisan Powder - Vausseroux (Amazon) Want 2 Scrap Couture Swirls - White Pearls
Scotch Advanced Tape Glider (Amazon)
Art Anthology Stone Effects Paint - Lava
Jolee's Boutique Favor Boxes - Parisian Collection
Other:  A7 Card Base, tulle, sewing machine/thread

I hope you enjoyed my project and learned some new ways to use Delight™ Modeling Compound on your mixed media cards. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. Have a great, creative day! -Patti

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Endless Jenn DuBell

Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you some of the endless possibilites for creating with Creative Paperclay® and the other products you can purchase from them! I will also show you how I created a beautiful embellishment for an upcoming project!
Creative Paperclay® modeling material is very versatile and does not require baking to dry. This makes it much easier to create! I use this to create embellishments by hand and with molds.

Next, Delight® is an air dry modeling compound that is similar to paperclay, however, it is much lighter in weight. Like paperclay it does not require baking to dry. It is also very easy to work with and picks up details beautifully. This is my go to compound when molding fancy flourishes and molds with much detail. I just love it! It takes to paint very well once completely dry. It is also bright white rather than a clay color like paperclay.
So if you have a large project that you are wanting to be lighter in the end this is the one for you!

Creative Paperclay® also carries tools and other extras to assist in your creating. This set, for example,  is a great addition to any crafter's collection...........
With 12 different tools the possibilities are simply endless!
There are many other products and tools available for purchase at the online store here. For the three examples above you can click on the image to go directly for purchasing that product.

Now, I would like to show you a larger project I have started. In my upcoming post I will show you the entire project when it is completed.

This is the start of a mandala-like project I am currently working on. For this I have used a fondant extruder tool and my 12 piece tool set (pictured above).

I hope you are inspired to go get your Creative Paperclay® and tools and try out the endless possibilities! I will be back in two weeks to show you this project in it's entirety, so please come back for more inspiration!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Why I love working with Creative Paperclay® ..... by Cindy Porter

Hi everyone, and welcome.

It's my turn to share with you a tip or technique.... today I have chosen to share a the things I love about working with Creative Paperclay® .... 

There are several reasons I came to love Creative Paperclay®. 

 Firstly I love that Creative Paperclay® is nontoxic not only for my own personal safety but that's it safe for kids and fabulous for the environment too. 

Secondly, I love to work with an air dry clay as opposed to having to use a kiln. The truly awesome  thing about Creative Paperclay® is that even when a piece is dry and it is as hard as a piece of wood, it can still be changed....  Did you know that you can then carve into it or sand it, a really awesome advantage, meaning your piece can be altered even once it was finished...  this is such a reason to love Creative Paperclay® especially for me as I tend to want to keep changing my mind, lol...

Thirdly, I love working with air dry clay, as you can you work with it for hours at a time, if it does start to dry out, you can just mix a little water into it and it's as good as new.... 
great for me as I work very slowly... 

thank you for stopping by and joining me here today

Till next time
Happy Creating

How to PAINT a Totoro Creative Paperclay® Tea light Fairy House #ArtByGloricom 3/3

Part 1
Part 2
Part  3
Hola and Hi to all my wonderful friends and followers.
 Like I promise here is the part 3 of this one of a kind tea light fairy house.
 I hope everyone enjoy the step by steps instructions and feel free to share it with all your friends.
Now in this 3rd part I will be showing you how I use a few techniques to paint this magical fairy tea light house with one of my most favorite wood spirit Totoro from the Studio Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro. 
For this project I used some of my previous FolkArt and DecoArt Acrylic paints
Here is the color list:
FolkArt Licorice Black
FolkArt Antique Copper
FolkArt Rose Shimmer
FolkArt Champagne
FolkArt Metallic Inca Gold
FolkArt Metallic Christmas Green
FolkArt Metallic Periodot
DecoArt Festive Green
DecoArt Renaissance Brown 
I like to do a couple of coats when I paint my Creative Paperclay pieces just to make sure I have a nice coverage and protection for the final piece. Make sure you wait in between coats to make sure is all dry so the second coat adheres propertly to the clay.
Start covering the truck of the fairy house with the FolkArt Metallic Inca Gold.

To color the top of the house use the FolkArt Metallic Inca Gold for the stump with FolkArt Metallic Inca Gold and the base colot of the roof leaf FolkArt Metallic Periodot and make sure you use to coats for each color.
Now lets give a nice coat for the grass with the DecoArt Festive Green.
To give the roof a nice 3d effect use the FolkArt Metallic Christmas Green and apply a water down mixture very carefully. You can use a wet down paper towel to remove any excess if you think is too thick after you applied the acrylic paint down.
 Now this will only work if the paint still wet so make sure you inspect the piece carefully before you leave it to completely dry.
To create a nice accent tone door use the FolkArt Champagne has a base and give it two complete coats and let it dry.

The best way to bring any texture up is to apply a darker color in this case DecoArt Renaissance Brown. I have notice it works best if you water down the paint so the pigments will go down the crevices of the sculpted piece. Again dont be afraid to apply a much since you will be using a wet paper towel to remove any excess paint. this techique work best to exposure the nice sculpted texture you left behind . This really brings the rock appearance of the front door and the grain of the tree bark.

We also want to give the grass a nice and natural effect for that we need to add a few layers of colors. For the second layer use a nice water down mixture of the FolkArt Metallic Christmas Green. The more you water it down the easier it will pool in all those tiny little grass we previously sculpted. You can remove any excess again with a wet paper towel.
Tip: Always use a new Paper towel for each color you will be removing so your piece will not be stain with the older previous color you already removed.

It is now time to color the cute little flower and for that we will be using the FolkArt Rose Shimmer.
Feel free to apply two nice thick coats. No water downs for this step.

Remember to leave the window frames for last. The reason for that is you want them to be bold and clean colored. Use two thick coats of FolkArt Champagne.
Now you can see how all these steps came down nicely to create your one of a kind Tea Light Totoro Fairy house. A very lovely way to recycle any old baby food glass jar.

The little house is ready for a cute little LED tea light and it will bright your night away.
I hope you enjoy this full free Creative Paperclay tutorial. If you did please like and share for everyone else to enjoy. If you want to follow the previous parts of these How to tutorials i had included all the links in the top portion of the intro. 
Gloriann Irizarry
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Monday, July 17, 2017

How to Make a Fairy Cottage with Creative Paperclay®: Part Two

Welcome to How to Make a Fairy Cottage with Creative Paperclay®: Part Two! 

Fairy Cottage

Today we are going to decorate our fairy cottage. The supplies you need are below. If you need a refresher here is part one.

Supplies for Part 2

Acrylic Paint:

Pebeo Moka (brown) & Forest Sunflower (yellow)
Black Paint
White Paint
Silk Acrylic Glaze Playful Peony & Fern

Wooden Base

Follow along to see how to decorate your cottage.


I really hope you enjoyed this two part tutorial. Please be sure to share your creations with us on our Facebook page. Thanks for watching!

Have a crafty week!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Changing Faces, Changing Stories

This is my favorite Creative Paperclay® post while being on the Creative Paperclay® Design Team and I wanted to share it again. To me it is all about paint and texture and I thought the paint match job came out perfect.

As a narrative artist I find that I am always adjusting the stories around me. This clay mask has been hanging around the studio for years. It has been cast, been in videos and I felt it was time for a facelift. Because it was clay, I knew it would take Creative Paperclay® very well.


Creative Paperclay®
Acrylic Paint

I started by slightly dampening the surface with water then building up the butterfly shapes with the clay.

Next I added texture with a variety of tools from a wood skewer, ceramic mark making tools and something I do not know the name of. Maybe for cooking (not my specialty). Finished by smoothing the edges with a little water.

Next I applied a wet brown paint, I immediately blotted it for a stained effect. This was just my base color.

Since I wanted it to look like it was part of the original mask I added a wash of titan buff and grey paint. While wet I salted the paint to give it the feel of the mask.

Play with Art, and Dream in Color!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Making potted cactus plants

Saguaro & Barrel Cactus for
home decor
Meri Wiley of ImagiMeri's Creations

Creative PaperClay
Floral foam
Aluminum foil
Bamboo skewers
Twisted wire
Craft flowers
Plastic pots (Hobby Lobby)
Crafting moss
Craft glue

One bamboo skewer, one double-twist
length of wire for the arms of the saguaro.
Wrap wire around the skewer twice and
loop the ends of the arms.
For each type of cactus you'll be using foil
to create the bulk of the cactus shape.  For
the saguaro you'll be creating bulk on three
stems.  For the other cactus you only need
to create bulk on the bamboo skewer.
Adding bulk to one of the saguaro arms.
Once you have completely covered the 3-armed
saguaro you can use anything with a sharp tip
(i.e. pencil, awl, knife, ect.) to score lines down
the length of the cactus.  This creates the look of
the ridges that are actually on a saguaro.
For the barrel cactus you can roll out
eight "snakes/coils" of clay for the
Add the ridges one at a time,
smoothing them into the body
of the cactus.

At this point I have four ridges on the cactus.
I still need to add four more.
I have let this barrel cactus dry, only partially,
 in an upright position.  Then using the awl
I poked holes, about every half inch, down
each ridge for the insertion of the toothpicks.
I'm using just a dab of craft glue on the ends
of each toothpick before inserting them.
After I have all the toothpicks inserted I
then "snip" them down to shorten them
using either craft scissors or wire cutters.
Let the cactus continue to dry fully and then paint as you wish.
I poked additional holes in the tops and inserted craft flowers
to mimic the look of blooming cactus.  When your cactus is
painted and dry, cut floral foam down to fit inside your pots.
Stick your cactus into the floral foam and decorate around
the base of the cactus, in the pot, with moss decor.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and maybe you'll
try creating your very own "easy care"succulent garden.  You are only limited by your imagination.