Friday, August 5, 2011

I believe

I do believe in fairies... really I do... So I was thinking they need a door to enter my home. So off to my studio I go..

Door Stamp: Stampotique
Black ink
Dew Drops - Robin Nest Scrapbook supplies
Golden Glaze: color of choose - I used "burnt Sienna"
Golden's Iridescnt Bronze
small heart - made my from paperclay
sealer if you plan on putting outside.
Light brown Acrylic paint


1) Roll out paperclay to about a 1/4 thick (you can make thinner if you are not putting this outside.
2) Ink up Door Stamp with Black ink and stamp into paperclay. press down hard..

3) Cut around image. let dry over night..
4) sand if needed...
5) paint the whole door, side and back with acrylic paint. When dry add Glaze very thick so it gets into the cracks. Wipe off the extra.
6) Paint hings and door handle with Bronze paint
7) add Silver dew Drop to door knob.
8) Add heart to door and attach to your home - I did my on my front door. at the bottom. Now all the fairies can come into my home..
Hope you like... I love it... smiles..

Hope you make a Fairy door for you home. Or you can purchase one from me for $20
check out my blo9 and send me your information if you want one...

Terri Sproul