Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Lollies!

Lollipops are great for every season but Christmas is the perfect setting for hand-made ones.  I decided to make these as ornaments but they can be used as the "garnish" for wrapping presents, or if made thin enough, you might use them in scrapbooking.

Creative Paperclay Modeling Material ® 
Popsicle sticks
Acrylic paint
Latex or PVC gloves
Glitter nail polish
24 gauge wire

First, I take a chunk off the block of modeling clay and put some dark red acrylic paint in the middle of it.  Knead the paint into the clay until it is thoroughly mixed.  You can keep adding paint to get to the color you want.  I wanted the color to be between red and pink.

It will look something like this.  The rubber gloves keep your hands from becoming a mess.

Next, you'll roll out a bit of the red and plain clay to make two ropes of equal length.

Put a light line of glue on the top of both ropes and roll to the side so the back rope is glued to the front rope and the front rope is ready to adhere to the coil you're about to make.

Start coiling the two ropes.  If they start sticking to your work surface, add a little water.  Keep coiling until you get to the end.  I've cut a slight angle on the red here so it will fold in easier.

Next, I used a wet Exacto blade to make the starting slit for the popsicle stick.  Place a little glue on the top of the stick to allow for firm attachment.  Then I took a wet paint brush and smoothed down any rough parts in the clay and also spread out any extra glue.

I tried different combinations like coiling the ropes first and then coiling again OR you can put the two ropes together and roll them together into a single rope, twist, then coil...  Let dry on aluminum foil or wax paper.  

After they were dry, I spiced them up with clear nail polish with glitter.

I made some small loops with 24 gauge wire and pushed them into the top of the lollipops with more glue so I can hang them.
You can experiment and find out which style is the most appealing to you.  Whatever you do, though, make sure you have fun!


Molossus said...

Awesome idea!

Mrs. Swandog said...

Very cool...they are so cute!

Lyneen said...

Great ornaments... love how they look on your tree... easy for kids to make!

Amanda said...

Great idea - if I made these my son would definitely try to eat them - lol.

Debbie Buckland said...

Very very cool!

Barbara said...

So lovely! Gumdrops and lollipops!Great tutorial too!

Hugs XX

Brenda said...

Love this idea...these would make great present toppers. :)

TAXCAT1 said...

what a great idea! ...if clay sticks to clay/ itself...why do you need the glue between the coils? would it work to just coat the top with glue and sprinkle glitter atop then? grandaughter would enjoy making these and putting them on her tree.

debbieluttrell said...

Nice job, as always, Dennis!