Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lyneen's Quick Tip of the Month!

So you want to play with Creative Paperclay®, but you are afraid to because you don't know how to mold a doll, a figurine or any other object.  Well neither do I and I LOVE PLAYING with Creative Paperclay®!  Here are some of the tools I use when I play with Creative Paperclay®

These are tools I had when I used to make fondant flowers in my cake decorating days.  If you have any cake decorating supplies, think how you might use them working with Creative Paperclay®.  Just remember once you use any kitchen gadget with Creative Paperclay® it should not be used in the kitchen with food again!  
Articus Studios has some wonderful molds you can use with Creative Paperclay®. Here is one of my favorites - Frozen Charlottes!  
Cookie cutters make great tools for special shapes.  At little cost you can find them at thrift stores.
Make your own molds using Amazing Mold Putty!!!  When I see something that I would like to have several of, I think about using Amazing Mold Putty.  Like the little cherub pictured, I only had one of him.  Since I made a mold I can have as many as I like using Creative Paperclay®!

Pictured here is a paper mold.  Used when making your own paper and pressing pulp in the mold... also, great for Creative Paperclay®!
Candy Molds are another great mold to use!  Just remember once used with Creative Paperclay® it should not go back in the kitchen! 

Use items to mold Creative Paperclay®.  Here I have an inexpensive mask from the dollar store that I am using as a mold for the clay.

Make templates from paper, here is a template for a crown! 

You are only limited by your imagination... what other things have you used to mold Creative Paperclay®?

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Barbara Rankin said...

Love those paper clay tips. TFS.