Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Decorated Holiday Faux Layer Cake Project made with Creative PaperClay® by LuLu Lancaster

Hello and Welcome to the Faux Bakery! ;) This is part 2 of my Faux cake Project. You can Find part 1 here Faux Cake Part 1
Part 1 walks you through the basic cake and borders. 

Let's Decorate! For this part you will need the following
The basic cake
a package of Creative PaperClay®
spray adhesive
 I use 3M Super 77 environmentally Friendly Spray adhesive which can be found at most home improvement stores.
Fake snow
assorted plastic mini Christmas Decorations

See my pic for ideas :)
and Tacky Glue

I started by creating some mounds on the top of the cake with the clay.

To create height for your decorations, just continue halfway around the top.

Next I took the cake round outside and sprayed it with the adhesive. 
Be sure to read the precautions on the spray can. You may need to wear a face mask.

Place your cake back on the cardboard cake round and you can affix it at this point with some tacky glue to the cardboard.
It is easiest to do this next part on a surface that has been covered in newspaper or Kraft paper.

Now that your round is sprayed, you can take the fake snow and sprinkle it generously all over your cake. Tap off the excess onto the paper covering your table.

For this next step I took small amounts of clay and created mounds at the base.
Use the tacky glue on the backsides of the decorations and set them into the clay mounds.

Continuing around your cake use small decorations to create a border. I tied wireless chenille around the cake and used mini garlands. Using the small decorations create a focal point for the top.

You can sprinkle more fake snow on the top if needed and there you go!

Fresh from the Bakery a cake that will last all season and beyond  :)

Thank you for following along, I hope you have enjoyed
this project.

LuLu Lancaster
LuLusApple Dolls


Rachel Whetzel said...

Too cute, Lulu!!

Dawn Barrett said... clever!! I always wonder how people can eat cakes that are decorated so time consumingly. This can make the cake...and enjoy it for years!!