Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lynda's July Post

The projects I have been making lately are wonderful for beginners to start out with, especially if you have basic supplies to create with!  Some of my favorites right now are mold's, being able to mold out fun flowers and things ahead of time, creating when you have the time!  However, this project - though you can use mold's for embellishments, I chose to make my own!!!  

If you craft with paper - and have pets, you will have to create yourself one, using your pets paw prints!  I have 3 cats, and found this darling idea on Pinterest to capture each of their paw prints - and I am using the Delight product for it!  So, grab some fun paper, a box, something to cut the circle out with for each paw, bakery twine or ribbon, and Delight product - and lets get to work!!!  

Supplies used:
2 sheets of cardstock
Hot glue gun
Delight product
Rolling Pin
Round object
Small hole punch (I used Silent Setter)
Step one:  Roll the Delight product out, have cat/dog walk over the product.
Step two:  Take round object and cut out one or two of the paw prints.

Step three:  Take another round object (I used my Silent Setter) to create the hole at the top to thread through your twine/ribbon, etc.  
Step four:  Cover your box using your favorite papers.  Since my box is going in the kitchen - I used kitchen papers!  I can always change the embellishments as I want to! 

Step five:  Add the ribbon to the top of the box, and the paw print charms to the front of the box!  
Step six:  Add the cat treats (or dog treats) to the box -  

This was such a fun project - using the paw prints of the 3 most precious cats - at least to me they are!  I hope you have enjoyed this easy project - you can do this with a baby's prints - or any paw print from animals!  I really hope you enjoy creating your own, and share them with me!!!  
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team
and Memories in Tyme

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