Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lynda's Creative Paperclay Keychain

I really like easy projects - things that just do not take a long time to finish up!  Yet, on the other hand, I also love to create more "in depth" projects too!!!  Today's project - well, doesn't require a ton of supplies - so lets get started!  

My daughters "word" is believe...  She is an amazing person, who has been through more than her fair share in life...  She has taught me more about life than I have taught her...  I am so thankful she is MY daughter - and that we have become as close as we are right now!  I love making little things for her - such as today's project!  I also decided it is MUCH easier to show you a video, than to explain the directions as to how to make something!!!  

Supply list:  
Creative Paperclay product
Saying stamp of your choice
Paint colors of your choice
Silent Setter (or something to create a hole


Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team