Monday, February 1, 2016

Sandee's bibliophile magnet

While collecting refrigerator magnets from tourist locales use to be a souvenir enthusiast's hobby of mine; I have turned it into making my own art magnets. Sometimes they are motivational and sometimes they are just for fun. Either way I love having a little fridge art of my own.

I used Creative Paperclay to create a bibliophile magnet; for next to art, reading is a favorite past time for me...and owls, oh I do love owls.

I used ColourArte's Primary Elements mixed together with a gel medium to color the Creative Paperclay leaves. After the first coat which then sealed the Paperclay it was very easy to add layer upon layer of wet color to get the depth I wanted.

The owl was heat embossed which worked fantastically and was also another method of adding color and sealing the Paperclay at the same time.

All the steps to making my magnet are in the slide might be surprised to see what the owl is mounted on.


Kerrie said...

I hadn't considered using embossing powders on my Paperclay. Great project!

Jean said...

So cute!!

MisS MiKO said...

Can i have it? ?? Love it! I love owls too..