Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Add a Dash of Micro Beads

I love micro beads and mixing them with Creative Paperclay®. It is like adding jewels to my projects. And this trick is so easy.

Silicone mold
Polymer medium
Micro beads
Creative Paperclay®

Coat the mold with the polymer medium. While wet, sprinkle the beads evenly. Immediately press in the paper clay, remove and let dry.

Depending on the project I use the clay natural or color it ahead of time. Great for collage elements, ornaments or gifts.

Dream in color!

Darlene Olivia McElroy


Suzette Hussey said...

What a great idea! I imagine this would make some lovely Christmas ornaments, sparkles and all!

Patti Krauss said...

Great tip!

Caty said...

That ´s look really wonderful !!! Love this idea, thank you so much for sharing. I wish you a very nice afternoon.
Hugs, Caty