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How to CREATE a Totoro Creative Paperclay® mini figure #ArtByGloricom 2/3


Here I will link al 3 tutorials once each one of them becomes available online.
Part 2
Part  3

Hola! It is Gloriann from #ArtbyGloricom here to show you how to sculpt this little guy for you to pose in your Creative Paperclay® Tea Light Fairy House. I will be sculpting a cute wood spirit my girls love so much. His name is Totoro and is a very cute character in the Studio Ghibli film titled My Neighbor Totoro. With these instructions you can make a small Totoro or a use more clay and make a bigger version of him to display or just enjoy him. This is the second part of a three parts tutorials but not to worry because I will be linking every single one of them at the beginning of each tutorial.
Enjoy them and if you like them fee free to share them with all your friends.
Now let begin.
 How to CREATE a Totoro Creative Paperclay®
mini figure Tutorial Part 2/3
Bamboo skewers
Wire cutter
Water Bottle Mist
Small Brushes
Xacto Hobby Knife
Start by rolling a little ball of clay and shaped it like an egg.
Grab 2 of the bamboo skewers and Cut 2 sharp tips about a half an inch long. 
The bamboo skewers will be the ears for the wood spirit Totoro.
 I like to use bamboo so the ears are stronger and not so easy to brake when the piece is handled.
 Now shape the egg into a pear like shape. For the little legs we are going to roll a very small round ball and with a sharp hobby knife cut it in half. doing this will ensure that both legs have the best equal amount of clay.
To attach the legs grab your brush and get both half balls wet and attach them to the fat part of the pear shape Creative Paperclay®. Work the clay legs secure with the wet brush by stoking and shaping the legs in place.
To sculpt the hands roll a little bit of Creative Paperclay® into a snake shape about the same length of the pear shape from head to toes.

With a Xacto knife cut the snake in half.
Smooth and curve the end of the now 2 shape little snakes.
Now to attach the 2 little snakes and make them look like little hands is simple by using a wet brush and using light pressure to add the hands to the pear shape body.
Shape his head like show in the above photo. To attach the bamboo ears get the ends wet and apply light pressure to the head until you achieve your desired ear length. To shape the eyes just simply use the excess cut off bamboo and press the round end to the eyes. Use the Xacto hobby knife  tool and cut little slits in for the little claws and shape  triangle nose.
It is best to add to the
It is best to add the Totoro to the dried Tea Light Fairy House when he is still wet. That way you can shape him in place and add and adjust him to fit just right. Once you are satisfy set aside and let him dry before your paint him. I will be sharing the step by step painting process in my third and final Totoro fairy House Tea Light tutorial.

I hope you like this series of full step by step photo tutorial and feel free to stay tune for more surprises I have in stock.
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Thank you have a joyful Crafting!
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