Friday, July 8, 2011

My Heart has Wings...

I really enjoy making this project for you and me.. smiles...
Wing and small hing from Tim Holtz
Dream stamp
3-D Crystal lacquer
paint: Red, Gold and Iron
Old fashion image
E-6000 adhesive
"Plum" Dye Ink
Golden's "Burnt Sienna" Glaze

1) Watch the video on how I made a paperclay book cover. I made the heart the same way, but a lot smaller.. I did add the gears on the outside of the heart while the clay was still wet. I add just a small amount of extra clay to make them stay..
2) When paperclay is completely dry.. I started on the inside of the heart. First I painted the whole heart inside and out with Red Acyclic Paint with just a little Golden Glaze "Burnt Sienna" added, to help age the paint a little. On the left hand side i added gears, and covered with Crystal lacquer. Set aside to dry over night.. or just a few hours.. On the right side, I cut and image to fit and add adhered into the heart using my 3-D Crystal lacquer and then added more more crystal Lacquer over the image to give a glass look. Again set aside to dry over night...
3) in the AM, I stamp the word "dream" with Plum dye ink and rip the word out.

4) painted the wing with gold paint and the hing with Iron paint. let dry...
5) all my part are dry now.. Time to put together. I add the word "Dream first" to make sure I had room.. Then I add the hing with E-6000. Had to hold until the adhesive was dry... Then I adhere the wing to the back. Added a small amount of "gold" Crystal lacquer to the hole where the brad should be on the hing and set aside to dry again..

I adore it...

I added a old fashion photo with my 3-D Crystal Lacquer and completely cover with Crystal lacquer - set aside to dry.

Here is where you see how I added the gears and then more Crystal Lacquer to cover.

Thanks for stopping by... Remember to pick up some Paperclay next time you are at the craft store.
Terri Sproul - stop by my blog soon..

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Godzoned said...

Fab project! I love this very much. Its my birthday next saturday ;)