Thursday, December 15, 2011

Steampunk Christmas with Viva Las Vegas Stamps

I'm really not much of a stamp user so this month's tutorial was a bit of a challenge for me. I decided to create a Christmas card with a bit of a Steampunk look. I love just about anything Steampunk and Viva Las Vegas Stamps has Steampunk stamps that are fantastic! I'm using  Item 16006 Plate 1273 and Creative Paperclay®.

(Note - This card was painted with metallics and metallic paint is impossible to take pictures of. The background color is a light gold, not brown. The ornaments are copper, silver and gold.)

Viva Las Vegas Stamps Item 16006 Plate 1273
Creative Paperclay®.
Acrylic paints
Water color paper cut to size 5" x 7"

1. I first rolled out my paperclay to about 1/4" thick. I then used my stamps and pressed them into the clay to make tiny gear ornaments for my card. Then I cut out each stamped clay piece with an exacto knife. Let these "ornaments" dry.
2. While the clay was drying I painted a Christmas tree on my water color paper using thinned out acrylic paints. You can paint whatever you want using colors you like. I wanted to stay with a metal look so I first washed the paper with a very thinned out light gold. While the paper was still damp I painted the tree using 3 shades of green. (Actually, I just jabbed and splashed the brush around on the paper till I got a tree shape I liked)
3. I wanted to use the stamps to actually stamp gears onto the tree so I painted the surface of the stamps with my metalic paints and stamped them onto the paper. The gold was a bit light but the copper worked nicely.
4. Once the clay ornaments were dry I painted them and then glued them onto the tree.

I hope you enjoyed this quick little crafting idea using Viva Las Vegas Stamps in a little bit different way.


Molossus said...

Awesome Christmas tree!

Lyneen said...

Beautiful card. Love steampunk!

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