Thursday, May 3, 2012

Creating Bracelets with Paperclay

How to make a Creative Paperclay® bracelet

Hi all I’m baaaaack!!! I am so excited to be back for a second term!!!! Did you miss me? ;)
You may see something new in my posts in this six month term. I am working closely with Creative Paperclay® and Petra from to help promote sales here in New Zealand (NZ). Why not keep this great product international? It also helps our NZ customers knowing where to find it closer to home.  I love finding my favourite products here in my own country and my own town. (Also saves a bit on postage too, therefore helps me afford to buy more. ****shhhh*** don’t tell the hubby!)

I am going to start this term by showing you how to make your own bracelets by stamping, painting, crackling and drawing on them. So let’s go!

You will need:
·         A block of Creative Paperclay® - available in NZ from
·         Terri Sproul Mixers (TS Mixers) Purple, pink, blue set– available from VLVstamps
·         3D crystal Lacquer - available in NZ from
·         Artline  210 medium 0.6 black pen
·         Archival Ink Jet Black stamp pad
·         Inkadinado 97615 Clear stamps
·         One Step Crackle by Decoart
·         Atelier – burnt umber acrylic paint

Take some paperclay out of its packet and roll a long snake with it on your work space the length it would take to wrap around your wrist.

Take a round container that would fit your current bracelets and put the paperclay snake around it and flatten it. Let it dry.

When it was half dry I removed the paperclay bracelet and then let it dry completely.

I stamped one bracelet with a clear stamp and the other bracelet I drew lines on it with a marker pen.

With TS Mixers I mixed them with 3D crystal Lacquer and painted the bracelets

After the TS Mixers where dry I applied One step crackle to the face of the bracelets.
When that was dry I applied burnt umber acrylic paint (dark brown) over the bracelet and then wiped it off leaving it in the cracks only.
Thicker the application of One step crackle the bigger the cracks.

With the stamped bracelet I sanded the edge of the bracelet applied burnt umber acrylic paint to the spot that was sanded and then applied the One step crackle as above thinly to get finer cracks.

And I have some groovy new bracelets

These bracelets I made are a little flexible. I also made them with a small gap instead of a complete round. Thickness of my bracelets are about ¼ inch or 2-3millimeters.

Thanks so much for dropping by

I will be back later on in the month with a tip...


NickelNook said...

That's a fabulous project, Debbie! Your bracelets are great! For some reason I've never thought of using my Paperclay for making bracelets! You're so clever!...Nancy :o)

pooky said...

Very cool indeed! Oh, and welcome back!

TAXCAT1 said...

This was a very well-done tutorial! I also never considered paperclay for a bracelet, thinking it is too fragile to last! But thinking about it, I guess once it is totally dry, it is so hard then that it withstands all.
Lee in Texas

Debbie Buckland said...

So far so good with my bracelets. They have lasted 3 full days of wear so far.

Alice Morland said...

You are clever! Definitely on a roll with your crafting.