Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Halloween Banner by Edie

Edie here and it is so good to see you again! I know, I know, it's been too long. What have I been up to? Well let's see... I have been working on projects for Design Team posts, blog hops and... oh YEAH! I created a brand new class!!!! It is called Frightfully Fun Upcycled Halloween and it will be available as soon as I can get the silly internet to cooperate and upload my videos LOL! I will have to tell you all about that next time ;D

For today's post, I have a super simple, super cute project to share with you! It is getting close to Halloween, (YAY!) so I have already begun making new decorations to add to my collection. While looking for inspiration I kept seeing these cute Halloween paper banners everywhere. You know the ones with the GORGEOUS folded paper and embellishments? Yeah, those :)

I love the way they look, but because they are so flimsy, I had never made one. I started thinking that if I ever made one of those banners, I would want it to be sturdy and last from year to year without fear of it being crushed or ruined in storage. And then it dawned on me... why not make it our of Paperclay?! So, that's what I did!

 I wanted to make sure this would work, so I made a mini-banner to begin with. I rolled out my Delight® air dry clay and cut a 1.5 in wide strip, then I cut 1 in wide triangles to make my flags.


Once my clay was completely dry, I painted the background of my flags orange, black and titanium buff.

 Next I used the same paint colors and stamped images and text, in alternating colors, on each of the flags.

 I cut tiny flowers out of watercolor paper using a flower punch and painted all of the flowers orange, then I used a regular hole punch to cut the circles and I hand wrote the letters.

I glued my flowers and letters onto the flags, then glued my flags onto a 20 in strip of Halloween ribbon. This banner is the perfect size to hang on a picture frame, mirror or small shelf. I am actually thinking about using is as an embellishment on an upcoming painting.


Since this banner turned out so beautifully, I plan on making a full size one that will hang in my home for Halloween.


This would also be a great project for kids to make and since they are so easy, you can make one for every Holiday and season!

That is all for today. It is time for me to get back to work and get my class online and out into the world :D You can see more of my work on my blog.

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