Saturday, November 10, 2012

Brenda's November Quick Tip

Good morning to you all...

This is Brenda and I am so glad to be back on the DT for Creative Paperclay®.   I so love this product and cannot wait to get into full swing.  

Today's post will be a quick tip post.  Next time I will show you what I did with the finished things.  Now, sometimes we just don't have a way of making a mold, unlike the Amazing Mold Putty, which, by the way, I love just as much as the paperclay.  So improvise...On a recent shopping trip I found these adorable metal embellishments from Tim Holtz and...they were super cheap, regular $7.99 and I got them for $2.99.
When I took them out of the package to put away, I noticed the nice indentation of the packaging.  With my frugal mindset, I knew I could do something with it.  I hardly EVER throw anything away. 
So I pressed some of the paperclay into the indentations.... 
and added some beads to one of them and then pressed the paperclay ontop of that and let it dry...
now, just because you don't have any molds, use what you have.  There are endless possibilities.  Please come back in 2 weeks to see the finished project.  I know you will love it.
Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope I've inspired you  to use your imagination.  

You can come see me here and check out what else I've made using this and other products.  And as always, have a great day and god bless!