Friday, June 23, 2017

Holographic Foil Meets Creative Paperclay®

I have so many projects that I have created laying around my studio. One of my favorite things to take one of these and try out different surface treatments. The mad art scientist in me wants to continuously experiment on techniques. I didn't worry about the crack because I was just playing around.

I started with this house shape I had made with Creative Paperclay and had stamped and stenciled on. Because I wanted to add a red foil later, I coated it with a red oxide acrylic paint.


Creative Paperclay®
Red Oxide Acrylic Paint
Adhesive Size for Foil/Metal Leaf
Holographic Foil

When the paint had dried, I coated the surface with Wunda Size, which is a water based glue for foils and metal leaf. It is white when applied and when it becomes clear it will be tacky and ready for the application of the foil.

I am using a holographic foil (shown here). Lay the foil (pretty side up) over the tacky surface and burnish with a spoon or your finger. Because my background has texture I knew it would only transfers on the raised areas unless I burnished hard.

Because it is a holographic foil is changes as the light changes or as you move around it. Of course, it is almost impossible to photograph. It added a nice red shimmer to the plain red oxide color.

Don't forget art is about having fun and playing.

Dream in Color!

Darlene Olivia McElroy

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How to SCULPT a Totoro Creative Paperclay® Tea Light Fairy House #ArtByGloricom 1/3

Hola! It me Gloriann Irizarry. I wanted to take this opportunity and say hi to all my wonderful family, friends and followers who had always support my arts and crazy crafts adventures. Now I wanted to make this tutorial a little more special for everyone so it is going to be the first of a  3 parts long and it will be full of easy step by steps photos for everyone to enjoy. I hope you like this one of a kind tutorial and please stay tune for more to creative ideas to come.
Here I will link al 3 tutorials once each one of them becomes available online.
Part 1
Part 2
How to CREATE a Totoro Creative Paperclay® mini figure #ArtByGloricom 2/3
Part  3
How to PAINT a Totoro Creative Paperclay® Tea light Fairy House #ArtByGloricom 3/3
How to SCULPT a Totoro Creative Paperclay® 
 Tea Light Fairy House #ArtByGloricom 1/3
Materials are pretty simple You will need
Empty Baby Food Glass Jar
Water Spray Bottle
Soft Paint  Brushes
Clay or  Fondant Roller
LED Candle Tea Light
 (For Safety reasons only use LED battery operated candles with Creative Paperclay®)
Start by opening the Creative Paperclay® and roll a sheet big to a 1/4 inch thickness.
Roll enough to cover the entire baby food Jar. I'm using the Beech-Nut ORGANICS or Beech-Nut NATURALS due to have the best shape for my desired house. Baby Food jars come in many sizes and shapes so feel to choose your favorite one.
Don't have a baby or know anyone that could help you find a jar to recycle? is ok just got to Ebay or Amazon  and search for Baby Food Jars. They have a big selection of Jar for you to purchase and recycle on your next craft project. Just browse.
Place the 1/4 thick over the baby food glass jar.
Lightly press the clay to the baby food glass jar.
Make sure is flush and cut any excess. Using water a brush and your fingers blend the seems together
Neat TIP 1:
I will give you a tip how to get a nice clean cut on the top of the Baby food glass jar.
Use a thick thread like quilting or dental floss and wrapped around the top of the jar mouth.
Place where you want the cut to be and tight a knot . The pressure of the knot will cut your clay and all you have to do is remove any excess out. Now you have a nice clean cut top. Enjoy!
Using water and the wet brushes pad the clay smooth to the baby food glass jar.
Leave the bottom of the baby food glass jar clean of Creative Paperclay® this will help the tea light fairy house be more stable and flat on any surface.
Now feel free to hit your cookie cutter collection and find any that will look like the desire windows and doors. Don't have any? That is totally ok. You can use a pencil, wooden dowel or anything sharp and free draw indentations on the slightly Creative Paperclay®.
I so happen to have these cute flower petals cookies cutter  and though would look good for marking the door.
I use the smaller cookie cutter from the same set and mark where I wanted my windows to be.
I do love to collect small fondant cutters. They are so cute and I know they can be very useful for my Creative Paperclay® projects. So why not make cute little windows with this shape. If you don't have one these can be found online. Search for Shape Fondant Punchers. If no puncher available you can use a needle and draw them pressing down firmly against the Baby Food Glass Jar. I found needles to have neater precision cuts in the wet Creative Paperclay®. 
Neat Tip 2:
Next time you happen to be shopping for crafts and art supplies at your favorite store or online don't be shy. Visit the Baking and Cake Decorating Departments. If so full of wonderful neat cutters, molds and rollers that might be useful for your next Creative Paperclay® art project. 
Cut and extra piece of clay and with your wet fingers shape the door. Now I was looking for a rustic classic look so they shape don't have to be that neat or clean since nature is beautiful with all the little rough shapes.
Play around and place the windows always thinking of  the illumination effect that the tea light will have at night when the LED candle light is on and in place. 
Now each Fairy House is different and to tell you the truth there is not a specific pattern out there.
Is all matter of taste and in each project I let the Creative Paperclay®  speak to me. So when I was looking at the house it said I need a small welcome entrance. Easy roll a small ball of Creative Paperclay® and flat it place under your fairy door.
After I shaped the front door steps the fairy house seems like it need it something. Why not give it a very small green grass lawn. Roll a long enough snake to cover around the bottom of the Baby food glass jar.
To attach the lawn just wet the area including the rolled snake and using your finger gently padded in place. Adjust to your desired shape and cut any excess out.
After the lawn is sculpted.
Lets add some flowers to give the Fairy House a more happy whimsical effect. I so happen to have a few fondant flower punchers too. If no flower punchers on hand is ok. You can use the needle tool again and cut free hand a few flowers.
Now to give the Fairy house a more earthy look use your Sculpey, rubber or wooden tool and start by free hand some wood grain patterns. Make sure the clay still wet and also sprayed with a light  mist of water to easy the veining sculpt process. I personally prefer to make these deep. It helps to create a more natural look when you paint then in a later process. Available soon titled
How to PAINT a Creative Paperclay®
Tea Light Fairy House 
Use the same tool and make more indentations around the windows to accents them even more. Trust me all of this will come together in the painting process.
Now to give the law the grass effect I like to use this wire brush tool. Now no worries if you don't have one you can make a nice effect by using a few toothpicks tight up with a small baby  hair band or even an old hard tooth brush could be use.
Use the same grass making tool and press it against even on the front door to give it a pumice stone look. Weather the front door with has many little holes you want.
Now you can add a door knob and you can see the Fairy House is starting to come together.
 Lets set is aside to air dry or you can also speed the drying process by putting the piece in an convectional heat oven for about an hour at about 200 degrees. I don't recommend a non convectional or higher temperatures. Why? Well due to cracks and breakage  the uneven temperatures can crate to you hard work sculpted piece.  
While the fairy house dries we can start working on the house roof by rolling a little ball of Creative Paperclay® close in size to the metal  lid.
Go ahead secure it and press it firmly on the metal Baby food Jar lid.
Grab a good amount of Creative Paperclay® and rolled it very thick. If you have a leaf cookie cutter this is the time to use it. Again I love the maple leaves so I will be punching these out of my thick Creative Paperclay® rolled sheet.
Create a trees stem of on the top of the metal baby food lid. Use your Sculpey, rubber or wooden tool and deep sculpt the tree bark veins for a natural effect.
Make sure the leaves are cut in a very thick rolled out clay. The thickness will help the roof to stay together once it dry. If you cut or punch them too thin they will break off when you are painting or worse after all your hard work is finished. You really don't want the roof to fall apart so make sure they are nice an thick leaves to work with.
The roof has two layers of leaves. For the first layer cut the maple leaves in 3 pieces like shown in the above photo.
One by one add the cut maples leaves to the bottom making sure you cover all the metal lid and nothing is showing.  
More and adjust every single maple leave so the green on the metal lid do not show up.
For the top layer of the roof use the full cookie cutter form. Again make sure they are thick so when the Creative Paperclay® dry is strong.
Place the thick punched fondant or cookies cut shapes on the top arrange them has you like them to be. I was able to place 3 full maple leaves shapes and was pretty satisfy on how they turned out.
 Lets set is aside to air dry or you can also speed the drying process by putting the piece in an convectional heat oven for about an hour at about 200 degrees. I don't recommend a non convectional or higher temperatures. Why? Well due to cracks and breakage  the uneven temperatures can crate to you hard work sculpted piece.  
Now it is time to have night time fun. I found these LED Tea Light at my local Dollar Tree Store.

Coming soon so stay tune for more tutorials:
Part 2
How to Sculpt a Creative Paperclay® Totoro
 Part  3
How to PAINT a Totoro Fairy House Tea Light Creative Paperclay® #ArtByGloricom

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Happy day and joyful crafting.

Gloriann Irizarry

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

3D Frame..... with Cindy Porter

Hi Creative Paper Clay ® fans, it's Cindy here,  I am excited to share with you my latest project a "3D Frame" and show you how to create your own.

dosen't Gerry the Giraffe look fabulous in his new frame.... 

Supplies Required:
wooden craft frame
Silicone tipped tools

For the How to I created a process video ...

I hope you enjoyed that, here's another look at the frame, and Gerry looking fabulous in his new home...  if you'd like to see how I created Gerry as well click here...

thank you for stopping by and joining me here today

Till next time
Happy Creating

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Tip of the Month: Coloring Delight™ Air Dry Clay

Did you now that also sells another type of clay called Delight™? This clay is much lighter than Creative Paperclayand air dries to about half the weight! It is still durable and can be colored with water-based media before you sculpt with it. Isn't that exciting! 

In this mini-tutorial I demonstrate using four different types of media to color Delight™ Air Dry Clay:

  1. chalk pastels
  2. watercolor paint
  3. acrylic paint
  4. Dylusions Spray Ink
As a bonus I show you how I use this clay to make flowers which can be used in scrapbooking, mixed media, or your next crafting project.

Supplies include:
Silicone Mold (optional)

Luminarte Silks Acrylic Glaze (optional)

Paintbrushes (optional)

Thanks for stopping by!  For more inspiration visit me at

Happy crafting!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

How to turn an old bottle into a Beautiful piece of Home Decor using Creative Paperclay®

Hi, It's Jenn here and today I would like to share with you how to turn an old bottle into a beautiful piece of home decor using Creative Paperclay®  and some other products. I love to re-purpose things and bottles are a great item because not only are you creating you are also recycling! The possibilities are endless.
So Let's get started with how I created mine!!

First The finished product looks like this.....................................................
Isn't she lovely?
Here is what the bottle looked like before transformation..................................
This was a square glass olive oil bottle. I covered with a coat of heavy white gesso to start.
For the next part of this process I chose to use the lighter Delight air dry modeling clay.

Roll a ball of the clay and roll it out into a long strand as pictured above. cut in half so you have two sections.
For the next step you will need some tissue paper with a print. I used Tim Holtz idea-ology Postale tissue wrap. If you do not have any printed you can also use plain white and a black pigment ink to stamp it yourself. Tear off a sheet and crinkle into a ball. Then flatten it back out.

Next, use mod podge or a similar product to adhere to your bottle. cut off any excess and then grab your strands of clay from above step. Wrap them around the top and bottom portions of bottle 2 or 3 times, pressing against the glass with a flat spatula so they stick to the adhesive.

Form a cork with the Delight by rolling in your hands and then pressing into bottle opening to get the round shape. Remove for drying and allow the clay rings to dry on your bottle for a few hours at least. I dried mine overnight. Pictured below- added embellishments this butterfly and flourish piece were also molded using Delight to keep them light. I adhered them with tacky glue. while the clay is still soft you can slightly bend butterfly to give this look.
Now the fun part! Color!!

 I used a combination of Art Anthology Minx ink and Tim Holtz Distress colors to get the blues and purples but you can of course use whatever you like!

Next, apply black gesso to the clay parts only. Let dry completely.

Continue to add color and texture using inks, sprays, embossing powders and whatever you like.
The topper for the cork was created using an angel mold and Creative Paperclay® and the wings were created using a IOD mold and Creative Paperclay®. I added a few paper florals and some glitter and microbeads for some extra sparkle! Here is a close up of the detail.

I hope you have enjoyed my project and that it inspires you to create a beautiful recycled project of your own. Below is a list of products I used.

Creative Paperclay®  Modeling Material
Deligh® Air Dry modeling compound
White Gesso
Black gesso
Tim Holtz Idea-ology tissue wrap
Tim Holtz Distress inks
Tacky Glue
paper flowers

For your Creative Paperclay® purchase click here.

These clays are both available for purchase at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Joann's stores as well.