Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to create a Creative Paperclay® Art Dolls Hollow Head

How to create a Creative Paperclay Art Dolls Hollow Head

Here I had made a few big BJD or Art Doll heads. Now in order to be able to make more with less is not that difficult.Now when you in a budget you find creative ways to save and reuse. 
Now I came with a easy technique to create hollow Creative Paperclay art doll heads that will help you save time, material and money.

I done many dolls in the past and discover that the weight is key on the finish product so after some trial and errors I find this is the easier way to get it done so let me show you now how this is done.

Creative Paperclay Material®
Smooth Styrofoam Half Spheres
Plastic sheet
Clay roller
Hobby or Xacto knife
Sand papers
Aluminum Foil

Cover the soft Styrofoam with a plastic sheet.

Roll the clay into an even  1/4 thickness sheet.

Cover the half Styrofoam ball with the clay and using your hands smooth it all over the form.

Cut any excess clay off . Make sure the clay is flat and flushed with the edges of the ball.
do these steps again and set them both half aside to dry over night.

Now that is dry you can remove your Smooth Styrofoam half sphere off by pulling it off by the plastic sheet. 
Now if the plastic sheet breaks off and you can not pull the Creative Paperclay® half don't panic here I will show you a TIP to help you remove the foam.

TIP: To remove the stuck Creative Paperclay® half  go to your silverware drawer and pick you stronger fork and stab the foam ball in an angle. This will give you leverage to pull the foam right off the dry clay form. 
Now little by little pull from side to side until POP! 
You will end up with the 2 half for your BJD or art doll head.

Like in here you can see the 2 half ready to be assemble into one big hollow head.

Fell free to remove the foam and set it aside to be use again and again .
I love this technique because I don't have to buy so many Soft Styrofoam balls I can reuse and reuse the one I already got.

Now to complete your full head is pretty simple.
Either using you hobby knife cut any big excess an with the sand paper leave both ends flushed flat.
I cut a hole on the back of the head for easier assemble to the body and to allow me to add more clay to join the both half together. 

Fit the head together add some fresh clay all around the head and inside the head and let it dry. This will secure the both half creating the one hollow BJD or art doll head. 

Now you can create the head cap and make sure it fits just right I use aluminum foil to keep the 2 part separate while making I'm adding more clay and the foil will keep it from sticking but at the same time will help you create the perfect fit doll head cap.

Move around and add clay were you feel it need it.
Set it to the side to dry and you will have a one full OOAK doll head ready for you to customized it to fit your dolly words needs.

This technique can be used over and over in many styles and sizes.

I hope this help you create cute big head dolls with out the waste and over weight.

Stay tune for more Creative Paperclay® tutorials and tips. Feel free to ask questions by leaving your comment below or email me at Gloriann Irizarry  Stay tune for more wonderful ideas and for inspiration browse your Creative Paperclay blog it is full of great artist with many tutorial and tips.

My friends now lets always remember to always have fun while crafting. Blessing!

Medicine Box by Lynda

This project was a lot of fun for me to do...though it was not easy!  I recently had to have surgery, and wanted to have a place to put all of my medicine in one place...in a container that was attractive.  I didn't like how the first one turned out...and though this one is not perfect, I love how it all turned out! Just because I use this for one thing, doesn't mean I will always be using it as a "medicine box"...you never know when I will decide to use it for something totally different!  

Supply list:
Creative Paperclay (at least 1 package)
Rolling pin (or item to roll out clay)
Xacto knife
Silent Setter (or something to create small holes with)
White paint
Molds (flower and leaf)
Radiant Pearls paint
Container to use as a mold (I used a Longaberger basket protector)


Step one:  Flatten out your Creative Paperclay.  This needs to be wide enough to go around the whole container you are using.  I used 1 1.2 packages for this project.  

Step two:  Cut the corners out of the clay.  Lay it on top of the basket protector so you can finish it up.     

Step three:  Using your stylus, cut the excess off from where the top is around all 4 edges.  

Step four:  Using a Silent Setter (or other type of round hole punchers), start to put 3 holes down each side of the box. Repeat all around the box.   

Step five:  Using the small end of the stylus, pull out the little clay pieces from the holes you have created.   

Step six:  Using the water, soften out any of the imperfections in the clay - let dry overnight... 

 Step seven:  After the piece has dried overnight - add it to the inside of the basket protector to dry on the inside of the basket.  

Step eight:  While the box is drying, mold the flowers you are wanting to use - along with the flowers. After they have dried at least overnight, then paint the flowers and leaves using your favorite choice of paint.   

Step nine:  When the box is completely dried, paint it with white paint...  You might need to do 2 coats or more, depending on what you want it to look like.

Step ten: After the box has dried, start to add the ribbon to the sides, creating a bow at the very top.  I tied the bow twice to make sure the ribbon didn't come undone.

Step eleven:  Add a simple stamp or signature to the bottom of the box, showing you created it.

Step twelve:  When the paint has dried on the flowers and leaves, start to add them to the box using hot glue.

Thank you for checking out my project, personally I love the ribbons on the side - though it was not easy to get the holes the right way to thread the ribbon through!  I hope you enjoy making your own project...and make sure to share with us what you have done!  

Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Creative Paperclay Play Day!


It's Donna from Memes Art Place!

I am glad you have come to visit!

I went to Minnesota to visit my g-kids and we decided to have a Creative Paperclay play day!  My 12 year old g-daughter and I sat down for some Creative Paperclay fun!

I asked her what she wanted to make and she decided we should make some elephants!

So let's get started!

We started by covering a Styrofoam ball with Creative Paperclay.

Next we made little cubes for legs.

We then added the little cubes to the body.
We rolled out a couple of the cubes into a trunk and attached the trunk to the elephants face.

We were rolling right along at this point we forgot to take a picture of the trunks and big elephant ears.

This is the stage we left them at to dry in Minnesota. We were going to finish them here in Colorado, but........................I thought she grabbed them and she thought I grabbed them and so they sit in Minnesota waiting for some finishing details and paint.

Here are a few of the other things we made that day.

I am so glad you stopped by today and hope you will continue to follow along with all of the DT. We always have some fun and unique ideas on the blog.

If you would like to see what I have been up to, you can always stop by my blog.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Storing Creative Paperclay®

Creative Paperclay® needs to be kept moist after the package is opened.  Here’s how I store my unused Creative Paperclay. I keep the material in the original bag, but before reclosing it, I mist it with a few spritzes of water. I keep a mini-mister filled with water right on my worktable so it’s always handy. Then, I squeeze out as much air as possible, and put the package in a food saver bag and vacuum seal it.  [My food saver is similar to this one: http://www.samsclub.com/sams/foodsaver-v4800-machine/prod11060612.ip] I love getting double duty out of my food saver!!

If you don’t have a food saver, then I recommend following the preceding instructions, but instead of vacuum sealing, put the Creative Paperclay package into a ziplock bag. Again, squeeze out as much air as possible. Then, put this into a tight-sealing plastic container. Give the inside of the container another spritz of water, and you’re all set. Your Creative Paperclay will remain moist and pliable, ready for your next creative session.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Make a Fun Creative Paperclay® Bowl

The universe brings interesting ways to bring art into your life. I bought a huge bag of oranges the other day and figured I couldn't eat them all so I wrapped Creative Paperclay® around the top of the orange to make a small bowl. It is great to use for incense, to hold rings or ????

Creative Paperclay®
Paint or metallic rub
Orange Creative Paperclay® is rolled out then laid on top of an orange. Pat down to mold shape.

Next stamp with a doilie to give it a pattern. Obviously you can use whatever pattern is your favorite.
Roll a coil of the clay to make a base for your bowl. Then let the clay dry thoroughly. Either cut the orange off (and eat it) or let it dry out and shrink.


I painted the inside gold to pick up the orange's dimpling. The outside was stained brown with a gold rub added.

Thanks and hope you can find a place for this in your art.
—Darlene Olivia McElroy