Friday, March 6, 2015

March First Friday Fan Day

Need some inspiration for your next Creative Paperclay® project? Check out what folks are making with Creative Paperclay™.

Miniature plant sculptures
Stylized statues
Polar bear figurine
One of a kind art doll 
Heart factories. These could easily be adapted for any holiday.
Jewelry pendants
Scroll through this blog for some great fairyland inspirations

A whole series on How to Make a Paperclay Art Doll
Incorporating paperclay in cosplay costumes
Strawberry cupcake that looks good enough to eat.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

"Snow Day Musings" by Linda Hess

The East Coast has had more than its share of snow days this season.  Predictions of "inclement weather" have closed schools once again.  Yet, when I woke this morning all I saw and heard was rain...bummer.  Fast forward a few hours and the snow predictions seem to be proving true. 
With the snow and ice falling outside, what better project to tackle than a Spring bird.  Perhaps tempt the warmer temperatures back to VA??

In my "other" life I teach art to K-8th grade at a local Catholic School.  Yesterday I worked with my 4th graders and earthen clay to create pinch pots birds.  I bet I could do the same with my Creative PaperClay and it wouldn't need the kiln.  Super easy to do and only a few materials would be needed!  Let's get started...

Creative PaperClay Modeling Material (
Assorted tools: knife, straw or needle tool, turkey lacer, cutters (if desired)
Texture (texture can be purchased or recycle materials from home!)
Acrylic paints in colors of choice
Optional: assorted beads, wire, wire cutters

1)  Cut off desired amount of Creative PaperClay and re-wrap the remainder (be sure to re-wrap in plastic wrap or a Ziploc baggie with all the air squeezed out).  Roll it into a ball.

2) Insert thumbs into the center of the ball and begin to form your pinch pot. Rotate the clay as the pot is formed.  this will help to create a uniform thickness to the sides.
Once you are happy with the size and shape, turn your pinch pot over as shown.
3) Any wrinkles in the clay can be smoothed by dipping 1 finger into water and then smoothing over the wrinkles. 
The water will also help to seal the "join" when adding features to the bird.
4) Return to the wrapped package of clay and pinch off a bit more for wings, a beak, and eyes.
For the Beak, roll a ball and then turn it into a teardrop by rolling between v-shaped hands (as shown). 

Flatten bottom edge against your work surface. 
Add lines with a turkey lacer (one of my favorite kitchen tools being used in a "better" way).  Dab some water on the flat side and attach where desired on your bird.  Use a bit more water along the seams until the beak is set in place. 
For the Wings, roll 2 equal sized balls of clay.  Roll each into a teardrop like the beak.  Place on work space and flatten with a texture (I used a favorite plastic texture from Makin's Clay). 
 Rub flat side of each with water and press into place on either side of the bird.  
For the Eyes, Roll 2 small balls of clay.  Flatten slightly against work surface.  Circle details can be made with many items...I used a plastic tube and the smaller circle in the lid to make eyes as shown). 

 Dab back with water and press into place. 
For Crest of Feathers,  Roll 3 more balls of clay in any size desired.  Pinch into triangle shape, flatten bottom against work surface, and give end a slight curl.  Again, dab the bottom with water and press into place smoothing seams with your finger.

 5) If you desire to add bird feet, use a needle tool to create holes in the front.  OR the holes could be drilled into place after the bird has finished drying.
OPTIONAL FEET:  For feet, return to the package of clay and pull off a small amount.  Roll clay into 2 equal sized balls.  Flatten slightly on the work space.  Pinch back side of each into a rounded teardrop.
Use turkey lacer to create "toes".  Smooth out toes with a bit of water.  Toenails can be added by pressing with circle design ( I do LOVE my painted toenails!).  Final touch is to create a hole as shown.

Now you can set the bird aside to dry naturally...OR (if you are impatient like me) you can pop it into a low temp oven (275 degrees) for 15-20 minutes, long enough to set the clay and ready it for painting!

Obviously the details can be painted any way that pleases you.  given the fact that I am a school teacher, I enjoy bright, bold, fanciful colors when taking on a project like this.  Even better, shimmery colors add the bling that I so love!! 
Set aside until paint and clay are completely dry
(NOTE: Baking does not completely dry the piece.  I usually set is aside overnight after painting)
If you created feet for your bird, legs can be strung at this point.
(I used assorted polymer clay beads and wire). 


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hot Craft - Crayon Art Jewelry

Hi, it's Tori West, who can't believe we are already into the third month of the year!  Wishing it were warmer, so I'm going to share a hot trend today - Melted Crayon Art.  Most of what is on the web consists of crayons melted with a hair dryer to form a picture (usually with the crayons still attached to the picture).  I decided to heat that up a bit by using a heat gun, and see what I could come up with using Creative Paperclay®.

For this project I used:
Creative Paperclay® modeling material
scraps of jewelry chain
wire nippers
corrugated cardboard
aluminum foil
cardboard box
straight pins
heat gun
Crayola crayons
Delta Ceramcoat Satin Varnish

If you decide to try this technique please use caution and remember......
  • The heat gun gets really HOT
  • Everything within range of the heat gun gets really hot. The melting wax is hot and it will stick to your skin if you touch it. 
  • Using the heat gun may also cause the hot wax to blow onto other things. Certain colors of hot wax may permanently stain some surfaces.
  • The heat gun, wax, and surrounding area stay hot for a while, so make sure you don't touch them or set the heat gun against anything until everything has cooled.
  • The heat gun can create enough heat to cause the wax to smoke, so make sure you keep it at a safe distance from the wax and remove the heat immediately if smoke develops.
(You can do this technique with a blow dryer set to the high setting, however, I think using the heat gun is preferable due to the highly focused area of heat and faster melting of the wax.  You will not get the crayons to run and blend in the same way with a blow dryer)

First I prepared clay "blanks"

Rolled out clay and cut to desired shape,
then added a short length of chain. 
A second layer was added and cut to the same shape as the first
 After the pieces were dry, I sanded them smooth and did some further shaping.

I set up my work area, starting with a double thickness of corrugated cardboard covered with foil to use as the blank holding surface, then putting that work surface in a large cardboard box to catch any blowing wax.
work area set up

I removed all the paper from my crayons and set them aside.

The blanks were pinned to the work board with one pin through each loop, and one on each side to prevent the piece from blowing around while being worked on.

When all was ready, I used the heat gun to start heating the clay, then applied crayons.  As you can see in the video, as things got hotter I adjusted the distance of the heat gun from the clay.

After the pieces cooled I let them set for a few days, then applied several coats of acrylic varnish.

Some other fun things that can be done while the wax is still cooling is to push the wax around with a toothpick, or to use a colored pencil to add definition or enhance the designs.

Thanks for joining me again!

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Easy Embellishment

Easy Embellishment

It is so easy to create embellishment with Creative Paperclay. I need to create an accent piece to place on an altered book for a future project. I remembered I had a butterfly mold and decided to use it for this month project to share. 

I used two different colors on the butterfly and I did not have to wait for them to dry in between coats. 

Recycled Projects -

I won't sit and tell you I am someone who sits and recycles everything in an organized fashion, paper in this bin, bottles in this one, plastic in this - LOL I am not!  Once I get into a new place, I will absolutely have a station for everything I need, and will be recycling even more than I do now!!  For this post - we are going to talk about a whole other type of "recycling", one that you can use with your paper crafts and create one of a kind gift holders and decorations for your home!!!  

So, my actual idea you will see in two weeks from today - this is where today's recycle idea comes into place!  I love to create unique projects for people, this year each of my adult kids will get a fun Easter basket, filled with candy and things like we used to do when they were younger!!!  And by adding Creative Paperclay or the Delight products, along with molds, scrapbook templates, and so many other fun things - you will be able to create one of a kind things for your friends, family members - or just to decorate with!  Look at those things you normally throw away, as something you might be able to alter instead!  
Here is a few things you can save:

  • A coffee can...or any type of larger can like this!  Makes a great place to put a present, simply add paper to the outside of the can, (or spray paint it), and a few Creative Paperclay embellishments, and you can create a one of a kind holder of presents!  
  • Larger clear jars - also using Creative Paperclay embellishments (or small pieces) to decorate the outside of the jar or the lid even!  
  • Go to In and Out Burger - and have them put your drinks in a holder!!!  What a fun way to add an Easter gift to - or a birthday present to!  
  • A box...any smaller size box, adding paper, and Creative Paperclay embellishments to the outside to create an Easter Basket.
So - grab your Creative Paperclay, your items to work with, your recycled item you want to work with, a few sheets of coordinating papers, and in two weeks - we are going to create a fun altered container for a gift or an Easter basket!!!  Look at those things you normally throw away a bit different, I know I do now!
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Tip Time

Have you ever had your Creative Paperclay® get stuck inside a mould?  Here is a quick tip for next time.
Hi, it's Ann, one day I was working with some Creative Paperclay® modelling material and a small flower mould with very pointy flower petals.  The mould makes beautiful flowers and usually releases very well, except for this one project I was working on.  So, I reached for what I had on hand which was some talc powder.  The same kind used on babies bottoms.  I found that by applying a very very light dusting of powder into the sharp crevices of the mould I was able to pop out the Creative Paperclay® without losing any of the flower's details.

Just a quick tip that can save you lots of aggravation and time.  I hope that this is of help to you.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please come visit my blog sometime at

Savings code for February is Two20.  Creative Paperclay® modelling material.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Grunge Background Tip

 As a fine artist I am always trying to find ways to add texture to my art and usually practice on one of the many old pieces of art that are laying around the studio. I love the grunge line quality I got and the results even surprised me.

Creative Paperclay®
Acrylic paint
Wax paper
Painted Panel (old)
 Matte medium
I started by mixing a navy blue acrylic paint into a slurry of Creative Paperclay® with my palette knife until it was well mixed. Since my surface was mainly orange and brown I decided to make my slurry color a cool color.

I roughly spread the colored slurry onto an old painting (on a panel) then laid wax paper over it and brayered it flat. I left the wax paper on until the slurry was almost dry then I made lines by scraping with my finger nail (because I am lazy). Finished it with a coat of matte medium. I will definitely be using this technique in a painting soon.

Darlene Olivia McElroy