Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Pocket full of hope

Pocket Full of Hope

Creative Paperclay
Heart cookie cutter
rubber stamp 
rolling utensil
craft glue
toilet paper roll
1" to 2" button
Wire for hanging
fine sand paper
ribbons for embellishing

Fun Easy Gift idea

roll out clay about 1/4" thick

and large enough to fill cookie cutter area

Using rubber stamp 

Press rubber stamp into clay, cover the entire piece of rolled clay

Cut out heart

I smoothed edge with my finger

Cut out two holes to hang piece by,  I use a large drinking straw
Let dry

Flip over and let back dry also

Cut a toilet  paper tube to fit in center of heart

Then cut in half 
bend about 1/4" under of sides

Put glue on folded area and put in place of front of heart and let dry

Roll out another piece about half the height of the heart

Cut one edge straight across

Stamp this piece 

Put glue on lower part of heart front

Lay next piece over the tube, cut off excess clay
around edge of hear...there will be an opening the very bottom
let dry

Roll out another piece of clay and add glue to the tip or point of hear

lay in place and sort of pull to give it the look I did
glue a button in place, while it is still not dry
let dry

I use DecoArt paints

Chalky Gesso light green 
Blue Mist
Dragon Fruit
Dusty Rose
white antiquing cream
make up sponge

Paint entire piece with gesso

I attached a copper colored wire 

gessoed wire

Sponge heart with 
blue mist
let dry
sponge edge with dusty rose
 let dry
sponge edge with Dragon Fruit
let dry

paint entire piece with antiquing medium
let dry
wipe off excess and let dry

lightly sand wire so a bit of wire shows 
and tie ribbon into bow

Hope you enjoy this 

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Sculpting on Flower Pots

Hi everyone, it's Susie Krichbaum from Art by Susie K and it's Second Friday Tutorial Time!

I thought I'd share a little fun with flower pots. Something to think about as we move toward Valentine's Day and the lovely Spring months.  

What I like about this project is playing around with texture and transforming a plain item into something fun and new.   

Creative Paperclay
flower pot (clay, plastic or ceramic)
lace and other items to make impressions in the clay like the butterflies I used
Your imagination 

Gather molds, charms, lace, leaves and other items to press into the clay to create texture.  

I used clay pots because I had them handy.  I won't be planting directly in them, instead I will insert another smaller pot that hold the water, dirt and plant.  The reason for this, the clay will leach moisture that will eventually ruin your beautiful work by getting the clay all wet again.   Other options would be to seal the pot with spray or pop an artificial plant in there.  

After an even layer of clay is added, start creating texture.  I'm using lace and pressing and burnishing it into the clay.  

Add as much or as little as you wish.

I decided to go with a few hearts making this a Valentine themed pot.   

You could also use molds here.  Let it dry overnight and sand and paint.  The next pot was super fun with all the butterflies.  

After the pot was cover in clay, I started pressing a fun design just around the top of the pot.

I knew I wanted butterflies, so I used some charms I happen to have and pressed them into a piece of clay.  Cut around the impression but leave a generous amount of clay around the entire object.  Moisten the back of your cut out clay and add to the pot.  
Start using a ball stylus or even a pencil to create small little dots all around the butterfly or the object you chose.  

The dots add a lot of dimension and let the butterfly pop out.  Do as many as you like, I covered the lower half of the pot.  
Let dry over night. Light sanding and get ready to paint. 

I love these paints. So shiny and fun.  I used them for the butterfly pot.  

Have fun with your colors.  I played with many different layers making some of the pot look like patina.   I also took a very watered down wash of black paint and brushed in on and wiped it off leaving enough textured areas to give it more character.  

This pot just wasn't working for me in just red and pink so I knew I was going to need to give it some more pizzazz. 

I started to layer different colors so I could create a patina look and so the hearts would have a shadowed edge around them.  

Finish up with a layer of clear spray lacquer to protect your piece, pop in a happy little plant and enjoy.   

I hope you are inspired to create something fun from this tutorial.  I am always busy creating and sharing on various social media sites, my Etsy store and website.  If you have questions you can always shoot me an email.

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