Thursday, April 24, 2014

Disco Ball Inspired Earrings

Hello out there in Creative Paperclay® Modeling Material Land! It's Susan from with a fun and quick jewelry project.

Creative Paperclay® Modeling Material
Pasta Machine and Cookie Cutter (optional)
120 4mm Hot Fix Crystals
Hot Fix Crystal Applicator
Black acrylic paint
Jewelry Head Pins and Earring Hooks

To get started, You need two balls of clay as close to the same size as possible. There's lots of ways to achieve this, but I leaned on one of my favorite polymer tricks. I put a nice sized piece of Creative Paperclay® Modeling Material in a sandwich bag. I left the top of the bag open then pushed it through my pasta machine on the largest setting starting at the bottom of the bag. This created one large sheet at roughly the same thickness all the way across. I cut off the side of the bag to access the clay without changing its shape and used a cookie cutter to get two equal pieces.

After you've used my method or your favorite way of measuring out your clay, make two balls and push a jewelry head pin though the center of each stopping before the wide part of the pin pushes into the clay. Getting it straight though the middle can be a bit tricky. I find it easier to stand the pin straight up and push the clay ball onto the pin rather than pushing the pin into the ball. If you don't get it on your first try - take out the pin, re-roll your ball and try again! If your pin isn't straight, you're earrings wont hang straight either.
I baked my two clay balls at 200 degrees for 30 minutes. This DOES not complete cure them. If you don't wait for your clay to dry overnight or longer at this step, handle your earring balls carefully. If you pinch too hard, you will damage the round shape you worked so hard for.  Baking does dry them just enough to add the crystals and color if you're in a hurry like me. Before I started adding the crystals, I put a plumb line around the base of the ball. I used a round cutter and placed the ball just inside then traced around the edge of the cutter. You could use a small rubber band or measure the same distance from the base of the head pin all the way around.
I used a Hot Fix Applicator to add to my Hot Fix crystals. One at a time, I added them on my plumb line all the way around the base of the ball. Normally, I would suggest an alternate way to handle this, but really, in this case, the applicator is going to the most effective (and safe!) way of adding the crystals. Another option could be to purchase crystals that are not Hot Fix and use hot glue or jewelry glue instead.
Now it is just a matter of adding crystals until the ball is covered in them. I decided to leave a fair amount of space between my crystals. You may want to put them so close you can't see the clay under them or even further apart than I did. It all comes down to the effect you're trying to acheive.
Since Disco Balls have a bit of black in them, I wanted to make the color around the crystals black. This technique uses acrylic craft paint - you could make it any color you wanted! I created a very liquid wash by adding acrylic paint to a cup of water. I stirred it around until the water was a nice black color and dipped my earring in it.

Special Notes about dipping:
  • Be VERY VERY VERY (did I get enough VERYS?) quick about it. Do not leave your earring in there more than a second. The clay will dissolve if you linger!
  • Immediately after you dip it, roll it around on a paper towel to get any excess water away from the clay and off of the crystals.
  • Use a warm or hot blow dryer to dry the paint to prepare the clay for a second dipping
  • To deepen the color, repeat  - dip, roll, blow dry - as many times as required. 
You'll notice my earrings have not been finished - the head pin needs to be clipped and turned and a hook added so I can wear them! Here's the thing, I learned the hard way that it is a bad idea to attempt to bend the head pin before the clay is completely cured. In my case, the headpin busted right out of my earring and I had to make another! Right now there is a pair happily drying away and I'm leaving them alone until they are nice and solid. As soon as they are all dry and I can turn the pins, I'll update this post with the new pictures and final finishing instructions. I'll also add a new post with some more information about Hot Fix Crystals and what inspired this project on my blog, 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I love to hear from you. Leave a comment here or email directly

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Frightful" Halloween Mirror

Welcome to my Halloween Blog Hop entry.  I wracked my brain for an idea that would capture the attention of visitors and have them running for materials!  This project is super easy to do and uses both Creative Paperclay and Delight Air Dry Modeling Compound plus odds and ends from my studio.  I hope you enjoy it...

I began with a 6" floral craft ring from  It was painted with black metallic acrylic paint (2 coats) and set aside to dry.  Next, use a sponge brush to paint silver paint onto bubble wrap.  Immediately press the black ring onto the bubble wrap and press.  Peel away the bubble wrap to reveal a cool pattern.  Set aside to dry.

While the paint was drying, I conditioned a bit of Creative PaperClay and flattened it using an acrylic roller (about 1/8"-1/4" thick).  It looked rather plain...AHA, texture!!  I found a cool swirly texture in a drawer and pressed it onto the clay.  Perfect!  Letters were cut using a Wilton Alphabet Cookie Cutter Set (letters are about 2" each).  After cutting letters out, I placed them onto a glass tile for baking (Please note: I am NOT a patient person when it comes to creating!  Once an idea pops into my head, I MUST get it done!  for those who are of the patient sort, you can set the letters aside to airdry [about 24hrs])

At the same time, I covered a small glass Christmas ball with a layer of PaperClay and popped it into the oven to bake/dry.  To keep the ball from getting a flat spot, it is suspended on a metal knitting needle and propped across a glass vase.  All pieces are baked at 275 degrees for about 10-15 minutes.  Let cool before moving forward.  (Please note:  Do not be surprised if the clay covered Christmas ball has cracks and don't stress about them.  They will disappear in the next step).

Time to pull out the Delight Air Dry and transform the clay covered ball into a ghost.   Roll a large ball (about 1/6th of the package).  Begin to flatten with your fingers.  Use the acrylic roller and your work surface to enlarge the circle evenly.  Once the circle is about 1/8" thick.  Drape over the Christmas ball, arranging the ghostly folds as you go.  Be sure to press the loop on top through the clay.  Create dents for eyes (to be painted when dry).  Either hang by loop to dry or prop on a small cookie cutter.
(Note:  Delight Air Dry clay is best left to air dry...if put into the oven to dry quickly it will puff)

Create a few Zombie fingers from more Delight Clay.  Roll a log for each finger.  Use a marker cap to impress fingernails in each.  Create knuckle lines by rolling with a needle tool.  Use a bit of tacky glue to attach fingers to the painted ring.  Let dry in place and then paint/color fingers.

Glue Letters in place with a bit of tacky glue.  Paint or ink to color (I used Ancient Page Pine dye inkpad to color this version).

add a screw eye

Sunday, April 20, 2014

On The Go Art Tote - Diane's Tip

Hello creative friends, 
Diane here, back this month for a quick Spring & Summer tip with creative Paperclay®

If you are like our family, we're always on the go during the warmer months.  Fishing & camping trips is a big deal to us and we go as often as we can.
I love to create and so do my grandkids. And just because were up in the mountains, doesn't stop us from creating.

I like to keep a  "On The Go- Art Tote" handy.

 I'm also one of those pack light type of gals, so my kit is very light and basic, but satisfies the creative desire quite well.

Here are some of my suggestions for a handy Art Tote

- I first find a nifty bag to put my supplies in. A favorite is those plastic zippered bags that you get when you purchase sheets or curtains sets.  But anything will do.

- I gather tools such as, toothpicks, paintbrush coffee stir stick or Popsicle

- A small roll of masking tape and a couple folded up sheets of tissue paper or newspaper, ( this is for armatures if needed ).

- I always throw in at least 3 Ziploc quart size baggies. this is great to store your un-used clay  and also for gathering natures treasures to sculpt on such as, pine-cones, leaves, sticks or rocks.

- A small package of hand wipes.

- A small bottled water and a small plastic container for holding water.

- And of course, your Creative Paperclay®

Simply place your items in the bag, zip her up and keep close to the camping gear. 

You will always be ready to create wherever the road takes you this summer!

I would like to say thank you for all you creatives support this past 6 months. This is my last post here at the CPC blog, as I will move forward to fulfill other obligations.
It has been such an honor and pleasure to be here each month and participate with you and the amazing design team.

Wishing you all the best on your creative journey :)


Friday, April 18, 2014

Welcome, Baby Card by Rachel Whetzel

Welcome!! This month, I wanted to share a card I made for my soon to be grandbaby! She is my second, and knowing what I already know about how special these babies of the grandest are, I decided to make her a card to let her know just how special she is already.
WHAT YOU'LL NEED to make your own Card:
  • A card that you can repurpose, or a new card to layer onto
  • Creative Paperclay®
  • Paints. I use Folk Art acrylic craft paints.
  • Paint brushes and toothpick
  • Scissors
  • Large circle punch (I used Fiskars) 
  • Washi Tape (I got mine at Gauche Alchemy) 
  • Ribbon and RicRack (Thrifted) 
  • Patterned papers (October Afternoon) 
  • Glue. I use Crafter's Pick : The Ultimate
  • Typewriter or computer connected to a printer
To begin, I placed a ball of Creative Paperclay® onto a piece of paper, and rolled it flat. I put the clay onto paper, so that I could pick it up and manipulate it while it was still wet without trouble. Next, I made teeny footprints on the clay using two different sized paint brush ends, and a toothpick with the very end broken off, and sanded down.
Next, I cut a heart shape out of paper, and laid it over my Creative Paperclay® as a template for cutting the clay into the same shape.

While the clay was drying, I got to work repurposing an old card that I would not be using as it was. (This is one of my favorite things to do. Create new cards using old cards as the base.)
I painted the heart, and used my Pebbles Inc. pastels to shade the feet. then I layered some patterned paper over the heart, with a hole punched out so the feet would show through. Then I layered the heart over the patterned papers, and washi. I used some ric rack and ribbon to add more layers to the card.
I added the sentiment 'precious one...' on the outside of the card by typing the words using a vintage typewriter, and cutting the words into strips to be glued down.
On the inside of the card, I wrote 'we have only just met, and already you have left prints on my heart.' I had so much fun designing this custom card for my newest grand baby! She is already loved, and it makes me happy to have created something so special so easily with my trusty Creative Paperclay®!
Thanks for reading! If you'd like to keep up with me, (see new grandbaby pics!!) and more of what I'm up to, I'd also love it if you'd visit MY BLOG and Subscribe! You can also find me on FACEBOOK!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Creative PaperClay® April Tip making tiny hands by LuLu Lancaster

Creating tiny hands with Creative PaperClay® can be achieved relatively easily with some patience.

Hello again this is LuLu Lancaster with a simple tip to make long slender fingers with Creative PaperClay®
I start with a cotton covered Millinery wire. This gives the clay something to grab onto.

Shape a simple hand. My dolls all have 4 fingers ;) you can make more or less.

I mix up a slurry of Creative PaperClay® and water. You want it the consistency of a runny pudding.

Take the wire hand and dip it in the slurry. Using an old paintbrush wipe off the excess until you can see the individual digits.

Put your tiny hands in a piece of styrofoam to dry.

Once they have dried repeat the process. You will need to repeat this dip brush and dry about 10-15 times to get a good build up and the hands to start looking like hands :)

thanks so much for following along I hope you have found this little tip useful and Happy Hands!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lynda's April Tips - (late)

I apologize for the lateness of this post - my days/weeks have gotten away from me!!!  I have enjoyed playing with Creative PaperClay this past year - and have learned much about this fun stuff!  So, I have a few tips to share with you from this past year - things I have learned along the way!!!  
  • Don't be afraid to play!!!  If something is not turning out the way you want it to, it's
    just as easy to put it back in a ball and start over again!
  • Look at what supplies you do have - before you spend money!  I have a ton of scrapbook templates that help me make perfect one of a kind embellishments for my scrapbook pages and albums!  
  • Before you even start - clean your surface really good, especially if you happen to have pets!  
  • Have your basic supplies in one area/space...  I put mine in a drawer with everything I need to be able to create something in a pinch!  
  • Look at every day items you can use as a base instead of throwing things away.  My snowman was made out of a creamer container!!!  
Out of anything - have fun with this fun stuff...whether you are making a large project or something small!  Get inspiration where ever you can - and simply HAVE FUN!  If something isn't turning out quite the way you want it to - start over!  Watch sales - grab coupons, and go to the web site for specials they might have!  
I wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you - being a part of this team has been one of the best things for me personally!  I am learning much from the others on the team - and though my flair is more scrapbooking and "craft" related - I hope you enjoy what projects I bring you!  
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
Creative PaperClay Design Team

Easy Butterfly Spring Mobile by Gloriann Irizarry


Welcome Back to the amazing Creative Paperclay® 
Is me once more Gloriann Irizarry a great tutorial to celebrate the starting of the spring.

Spring is finally here so lets celebrate by crafting a cute little mobile.
With the help of my little one we decided on butterflies. These cute butterflies will fly around with the warm breeze and make you smile every time. Ready! Ok them, lets begin.  


1 bar Creative Paperclay®

(Pastel Blue, Green and Pastel Pink)

Acrylic Paints 
(Pearl pastel blue, Gold, Yellow, Purple)

Clay texture sheets

Flower Cutter

Lace Border Cutter 

1 Spool of  1/4 wide Ribbon 

Glass bowls 

Drill Tool

Needle Tool

Clay Roller

Flat Toothbrush

Solar night lamp

and the Top and drill template.

Sized to your desired mobile and print 2 to copies.

Cut one for the Top of the mobile and cut the other to know where to drill the holes 

Roll a clay sheet to a 1/4 thickness large enough for the template to be trace and cut off. 

After the template is cut use your border cutter to give a nice shape. 

Use your clay texture sheet and roller to give it some character.

Place your clay sheet over the glass bowl and give it a little shape and let it dry overnight.

Now choose your favorite butterfly style cutter.

Stamp and cut 15 mobile pieces.


Use your needle tool and open the holes. 
You can use a single hole or the double hole depending on your taste.

Fold them in half and let the butterflies dry over night.

Cut one of each size of the flower.

Lets now grab the dried mobile top and use the template to mark the placement of the holes.

Use your drill toll to mark each one and  drill the whole 1/4 thick sheet. 

Make you you clean the holes out.

Grab all yours dry clay pieces and it is time to pain.

I use the pastel blue to paint an even layer and let it dry.

To give it an aged look I watered down the gold tone paint and added  to the already
 painted blue mobile top and removed the excess with a damp paper towel.

I wanted to give the mobile top some texture so I watered down some of the acrylic purple.
Use a flat toothbrush and use the splatter technique all over the mobile top.

I used the bright yellow and painted all the butterflies and the purple for the flowers

I added some veins and details to the butterflies with the Sakura Crystal Lacquer 
3D Pastel blue and Pastel pink pens.

I added some accents to the button of each flowers with the green  3D crystal lacquer pen.

And used the Pastel Blue and Pastel Pink for detailed the tops of each flower.

I wanted to crate a contrast on the mobile top so i used a Purple Crystal lacquer
3D pen and started to free hand drawn on the border.

Cut 2 long pieces of ribbon for you to thread so your able to hand your mobile .

Now choose your desire length size so you can cut the ribbons out and tight the butterflies to each end. 

My little one is afraid of the dark so I decided to add a special feature to her to enjoy this mobile at night too. I purchase a outside solar power lamp to give her a ever after light. 

I removed the top were the light with the solar panel was located and discarded the rest. 

Place it on top of the mobile and feed the light down from a carved hole .

Now she will have a everlasting mobile night light.
It will go on automatically every night and will last enough to put her to sleep. 
Looks very good at night too. 

Now that this project is completed you are ready to have a nice piece that will guard
 any kinder gardener dreams. 

My friends thank you for reading this tutorial and feel free to leave us any comments,
 Questions or suggestions at the button of this screen

Have a bless day and like always happy crafting.