Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Paperclay Snowman that Won't Melt!

Well it’s that time of year when the snow can really pile up. We actually had snow on Christmas Day this past year. Here we are in a New Year and January is typically the month of the year for snow if you get snow. I started out this project with a gourd and a large coffee creamer jar. I forgot to take a picture of the original gourd and creamer jar so I took a picture of a similar one:

                                        2023-02-15 18.51.25 The jar that I used was clean!lol I took the lid off the clean and empty one that I used and glued the gourd to the top. Once the glue was dry I covered the piece with Creative Paperclay® and painted it first with white paint and then with glitter paint. I painted the nose orange.2023-02-16 19.24.36 Kind of looks like a snowman already doesn’t it? I added some button eyes, and a mouth, buttons and arms with a paint pen. I wrapped his neck with a fleece scarf and wrote a sentiment that I really like unto his tummy. Here’s the finished product:
2023-02-16 19.49.37          2023-02-16 19.50.14      2023-02-16 19.49.07
                                                   2023-02-16 19.50.27I think he’s just adorable don’t you? And you probably all know that I just love the bling that the glitter paint gives to it. You could use styrofoam balls in place of the gourd but isn’t that a great way to recycle that creamer jar!You could make a whole family of snowmen and women! I used approximately 1 lb. of the Creative Paperclay® on this project. Try it and I know you’ll like it!
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