Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spiral Bib Necklace

Hi, I'm Diana and I LOVE jewelry, don't you?
Today, I'm going to show you how to make this fabulous looking bib style necklace. It's super easy!

Start out by rolling a quarter sized lump of clay into a long snake.

Start rolling it up into a spiral. You can wet the side of your "snake" so that the clay sticks together a bit better.
Keep rolling it up until it's as large as you want it, then break off the rest, pinching your spiral closed.

You'll have something like this. Now, the next step is to use your paint spray, or shimmer mist, to add color.
Once you do that, you can go to town!
I glued my pieces together, then added bails at the left and right. I was left with something like this:

Beautiful, right?

Diana Gonzalez


Dawn Barrett said...

fun idea..thanks for sharing it!

Barbara Rankin said...

What a fun idea for a necklace. Love those spirals.

Jess B. said...

Great job! Love the colors. TFs