Friday, August 16, 2013

August Tip from Rachel Whetzel

When you create pieces using  Creative Paperclay®, and you are trying to avoid using a lot of clay, a handy trick is to build up your piece with filler. The thing is, that sometimes when you use filler, you can create a less sturdy piece if your surrounding clay because your clay is thinner, or the piece you're making has connecting parts that create weak spots. One way to help create stability inside your pieces is to create a skeleton of sorts at the core of your piece. One way that I do this, is to use screws. Click on any of the following pictures to be taken to the tutorial for that project.
Circus Dog Project
Garden Gnome Project
Mad Hatter Tea Party project
Once you have secure bones, it's safe to create filler for your piece using the same technique I have shown in my Gnome and Egg projects, and with a sturdy and durable foundation, it's easy to create whatever you fancy! Using screws is a great way to make good bones for your projects.

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Barbara Rankin said...

Great tips, Rachel. TFS