Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Barbara's Tips and Techniques for September

Hello Creative Paperclay® fans, and welcome back to the blog.  Yesterday was the Autumnal Equinox, signifying the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall.  I am really looking forward to Fall, with that crispness in the air and cooler temperatures.  How about you?

The more I work with Creative Paperclay®, the more fun things I discover, from how to paint it, to how to mold it.  It never occurred to me, until recently, that the thinner I roll out the clay, the more flexible it is when dry.  I also discovered that it is quite strong and does not break or crack, like you might think.  This is a real asset when you want a piece of clay that is paper thin and will wrap around your project, or just be flexible for whatever purpose you choose.

So, don't think you have to roll out your clay thick, like 1/4" thick or so, unless you need it to be.  Think of it as making your own paper out of clay.  It is, after all, paper in clay form.  See my previous post where I made honeycomb so thin, the holes remained intact.  Or how about the "sheet" of music I made to add to any project, pun absolutely intended.

You can roll it out thinly on a texture sheet, a rubber stamp, or even a piece of lace or burlap fabric, to get a ton of various textures.  You can even mold items without filling the mold to get thinner pieces, if you want it to be flexible.  You are always only limited by your imagination.  So, unless you need something stable and strong, then have some fun making "sheets" of Paperclay®.


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I am so glad you stopped by today, and I hope you enjoyed my tips.  Please check out the Creative Paperclay® online store, and visit the blog for more inspiration.  If you have any questions about the link up, please feel free to ask me.

Have a wonderful week, and play with some clay for the link up!


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