Thursday, October 3, 2013

Jess B's - October "Tip" of the Month

Hello Everyone

I have a tip for this month to share with you.
Different textures fascinate my eyes, hands and my mind
Creative Paperclay® is a great materal to explore
I decided to brake down the Creative Paperclay® into
a muddy consistency and found out its 
great for my mixed media projects
and I love it
All you do is place some Creative Paperclay® into a
sturdy ziplock bag and add water.  
Make sure you press out all the air before sealing
Work the Creative Paperclay® into to the consistency you want
The more water you add the thinner it will be.
Medium - muddy - you can make peaks and valleys using any tool
Light -Creamy - cut the end the ziplock bag and squeeze it out like icing
Extra Light - Watery - place in a bowl and use paint brush to splatter on to your project
All consistencies help me a great deal
How awesome is that!

October 5th

Do you LOVE Halloween and Creative Paperclay®?
Well this is the LINK UP Party for YOU

Just make a Halloween Paperclay Project and post it on our Link UP party on Oct 5th on our blog

You will post your project on your blog or somewhere on the internet and 
LINK it up to our blog post on OCT 5Th. 

project MUST use 
Creative Paperclay® and be a Halloween Theme.
There will be prizes...

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Barbara Rankin said...

Great tips today. I have also found that Paperclay® can be made into different consistencies. It is so versatile. TFS