Thursday, December 5, 2013

Steampunk Christmas Ornament ACEO Frame

Hello There and Happy December, This is LuLu Lancaster with a simple ACEO Steampunk ornament frame.

I love the small original art cards known as ACEO, but sometimes it can be difficult to display them. 
This little frame is easy to make and is versatile where you can create different looks and even switch out the cards ;)

You will need 
~Creative PaperClay®
~an Artist trading card ACEO or small photo size 3.5"x2.5"
~a plastic sleeve for ACEOs
~tacky glue
~small dish of water
~scrap of lace
~metallic paint or mica pigments and glaze

~misc. metal objects~
old jewelry pieces bits of old chain

~a wipe out tool or smoothing tool.
~4 eye hooks or eye pins
~and ribbon

First you will need to make trace your card and create an opening either inside the tracing for a smaller opening and overall frame,
 or outside the tracing for a larger opening and larger frame size.

 Next you will need to roll out 4 small logs to place on your pattern. This will create the frame itself.
Smoothe the logs into one frame with a small amount water by either using your finger or a smoothing tool such as a wipe out tool. 

create a pattern in the clay for some texture. using an old scrap of lace you can gently imprint the clay by pressing down and rubbing a damp finger across the lace. Gently pull up to release and repeat on each side.

push 4 eye pins or eye screws into each corner of the frame. These are used for the ribbon and to hold your misc. bits and bobs.

Allow your frame to dry overnight. and gather your small pieces of metal or bits and bobs ;)

After your frame has dried you can paint it with metallic paint

attach the plastic sleeve to the back of the frame with a bit of tacky glue.

attach your findings to the bottom two eye pins, and add a length of ribbon ties to the top 2.

Slip your ACEO into the opening ;)

You now have a cute steampunk frame ornament.

Thank you so much for following along :) remember you can use this basic template to create any number of different themed frames for your tiny cards or small photographs.


Diane said...

How clever and so cute!
Thank you Lulu :)


Diane said...
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