Thursday, August 21, 2014

Using Creative PaperClay® as a painting Medium by LuLu Lancaster

Hello There this is LuLu lancaster and I have a tip to use Creative PaperClay® as a painting medium.
I have bought the gels and dimensional paint for acrylics and thought what if I use my slurry of clay to create dimension without actually sculpting. 
Here are the results. :)

Use a regular gesso primed canvas and a cup of Creative PaperClay® that you have turned into a slurry. 
Create your slurry by adding water to a bit of clay until it becomes the consistency of thick pudding. Keep adding clay and water until you get the right thickness that will work for you.

I like to use high flow acrylics for this type of painting. I start by adding the clay slurry to the canvas.
with my paint brush and drip the high flow acrylic onto the slurry. 

I can then swish around my paint brush and get high areas of paint and clay. 

I keep adding more slurry and paint and swish it around with my paintbrush. 

The more slurry you add the more dimension your canvas will have.

I created trees with the slurry using this same method mod adding slurry and then dropping the acrylic onto the canvas swishing with my brush.

Here I took a wire and dragged it through the trees to expose the colors underneath.

Now it was time for soothing silly! I added a slurry of a teddy bear.

add paint 

and swish it around :)

Here he has a Creative PaperClay® unicorn horn at my granddaughters request :) 

Thank you of following along and i hope you have enjoyed this tip for using Creative PaperClay® as a paint medium :)


Terri Sproul said...

this is amazing..

Charmed Confections said...

Love this LuLu! So creative!! LeeAnn

Brenda Burfeind said...

Very cool

Meme said...

So cool! I will have to try!

Rhissanna said...

Wow! What a brilliant idea. I knew the clay could be coloured with paint for modeling. I didn't think about it for impasto painting! Love that bear!