Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ghost Pumpkin Patch Thinking ahead for Autumn Project by LuLu Lancaster

My Favorite pumpkins to use are not the traditional Jack-o-Lantern Orange giants. I love the white pumpkins or ghost pumpkins ;) They can come in many hues of white almost green or blue sometimes an ivory with a nit of yellow. They are all amazingly beautiful to me. 
This year I thought I would add to my collection and create a Ghost Pumpkin Patch for a shelf in the house. 

With a few items you can have a cute and bit spooky tiny Ghost Pumpkin Patch of your own.

Here is what you will need.

6 regular 2" styrofoam balls
1 package of Creative PaperClay®
small bowl of water.
acrylic paints in white, green, black and yellow 
2 small paint brushes
and clay wipe out tool and that is it ;)
This project will use the entire package of paper clay or you can create more or less pumpkins.

Simply cover your styrofoam balls. I do this one at a time so the clay will not dry out.

Using your wipe out tool create the lines/grooves on the pumpkin by just dragging the tool down the sides in sections

next create the top of where the stem will come out using your wipeout tool create swooshes.

Next create a stem

with a little water attach the stem and create the lines/grooves on the stem in the same way you created the lines on the pumpkin

Give your stem a little twirl

Now create a face. It can be any kind of face the simpler the better ;)
2 small balls for the eyes one for the nose and a long piece for the mouth.

smooth out the facial features with water and your finger.

using the wipeout tool create teeth by pulling down with the wipeout tool just like you did creating lines and grooves.

Repeat each step changing up the facial features and stems a little each time and soon you will have a whole patch of pumpkins.
Allow to dry thoroughly and apply gesso
allow gesso to dry 

start painting your pumpkins using the darker colors in the grooves and finishing with the lighter colors. Paint the eyes and teeth white.

using black paint and a small paintbrush create pupils you can even outline the eyes like I have done here ;)

Next set up your patch!!! Boo!

Thank you for Following along and Happy Early cannot wait for Fall!