Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Creating a LPS Phantom of the opera Creative Paperclay® Mask by Gloriann Irizarry

Happy Halloween!!!!
Soon my friends it will the time were little kids come running from door to door laughing, singing and having fun.
Now for that reason I wanted to make this project a kid friendly one and per suggestion of my own little Rayray we decided to dressed her favorite Littlest Pet shop Raccoon LPS toy has an iconic Masquerade character. Any guess?
Yes, it is the Phantom of the Opera.
Is so easy to make and all it takes is
Creative Paperclay® Material
A roller
Plastic sheet
Your favorite Littlest Pet Shop LPS toy
White Acrylic paint
Grab your Littlest Pet Shop toy collection and  
chose your favorite animal LPS toy.
We choose the raccoon to be out Phantom Of The Opera character.

Choose your favorite Phantom Of The Opera mask design so you can recreated it.
There is many styles to choose from.
Start by rolling a little clay to about 1/4 thickest or less.
Apply a little spray oil with over the side of the toy head for the mask.
Lay the clay flat over the little toys head. Make sure to cover one ear it will help the mask in place with out the help of any straps.

While the clay still soft use a piece of cloth, fabric or lace and click to learn how to use this fabric stamping technique  it will give the mask some great texture.
Let it dry overnight. Once is all dry you can pull it off the toy.
Paint the mask the traditional white or feel free to make it your own by making  designs of any kind and let the paint dry.
Now you can play pretend Phantom of the Opera with your favorite LPS toy.
Now  imagine the countless stories you can play with your new little friend. The possibilities
 are now endless. My little Rayray can't stop playing with her new one of a kind
Phantom Of the Opera Littlest Petshop  LPS Raccoon toy.
Thank you kindly for staying tune and feel free to use this technique on any toy you will like
 Zelfs, Trolls, Barbies, Bratz, Monsters High dolls, Ever After High doll and many more .

Have fun creating

Feel free to write your comments below or email me any questions.
Have a bless day.

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