Sunday, February 1, 2015

Altered Outlet and Light Covers

This project was so much fun to create. One of my members of my Artist Trading Cards Club provided the inspiration after I gave a technique demonstration on how to stamp into the paperclay. I love the results and plan on creating more for my living space as home decor.

Once I adhered the stamped images to the outlet and light switch covers. I put Gesso on both items. At first, I was going to use white Gesso on the cover with the girl stamped on it but I changed my mind and used black. 

After I let the pieces dry, I painted the cover with the girl with Inka Gold then I applied with a paint brush. For the stamp with the little boy blowing bubbles,  I used Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paint, Distress Paint (Black Soot) and finished both items by rubbing more of Inka Gold that I applied with my finger. It was SO much fun and I cannot wait until do my next project!!!

Tip: Use a brayer, rolling pin or PVC pipe to flatten the CP but make sure to let it be thick enough to support the impression of the stamp. You may have to try a couple of times, but it is worth it. I also let both items dry overnight. 


JolaneOnAJourney said...

Great looking Project. I never would have thought about doing that.

Ann Strecko Koeman said...

Wonderful idea, love all the colours.

linda hess said...

Adorable pieces. Did you have any problems with cracking as the pieces dried?