Thursday, February 12, 2015

Give a Little of Your HeART

Since Valentine's Day is almost here, I decided to make a batch of hearts to hand out to my friends so they have a memento of how much I care. I made an assortment because all of my friends are different plus I enjoy the variety of textures and looks.

Creative Paperclay®
Amazing Molding Putty
Assortment of hearts to cast
Acrylic paint
Gold & silver rub

I went through my collection of metal and wood hearts to find the ones that I wanted to work with.
I made molds with amazing molding putty with some of them. One of the metal hearts I just had to turn over to cast the clay in.

Then it was my usual painting and metallic rubs.

I finished by putting them in fabric gift bags to hand deliver them in.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Darlene Olivia McElroy