Monday, June 22, 2015

Shari's Tip of the Month


Today I am going to share with you a tip on fixing a broken ceramic piece with Creative Paperclay®.

I found this ceramic garden art piece at my creative reuse center Scrap Denton. As you can see it is in horrible shape. The film covering it was peeling off and it had a pretty good crack that someone had tried to glue together.

Just like Charlie Brown's little Christmas tree I felt the need to bring it home and give it some tender loving care.

I don't mean to burst your bubble, but probably like myself, I was under the asumption these kind of pieces were hand painted. Apparently I was wrong. It is some kind of shrink wrap.I peeled off the film as much as I could and took a utility knife to scrap off the rest. I then sanded it down and wiped it with a damp lint free cloth.

I dampened the cracked area slightly. I added paperclay being sure to work it deep into the crack. When all the cracks are filled I will then smoothed it out with my damp fingers. Let this sit for several days before you attempt to sand the area. Once it's ready I can truly give it the hand painted finish it was meant to always have.

I hope you enjoyed my tip of the month. Sadly, this will be my last post for Creative Paperclay®. I have been asked to be a blogger and outside artist for DecoArt ®.

I have so enjoyed being on this design team with such lovely creative artists. Creative paperclay is a product that I will continue to create with. Thank you for believing in me and allowing me to join the team. I will miss you all!

I would love you all to continue to follow my creative journey at My Altered Life's blog and My Altered life on facebook.