Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Creative Paperclay Figure Pusheen The Cat Tutorial

Good Day everyone! Today I wanted to share with everyone a little project I made a very special little girl in my life. Yes!  My daughter Sam. She wanted a Pusheen The Cat figure for her birthday cake so why not make it out of Creative Paperclay®  instead of fondant so she can treasure it for ever. This is how my OOAK figure idea began . Now she was actually very specific and wanted the cute cat in the scooter like on the Book cover of I Am Pusheen The Cat By Claire Belton. The Fan art figure turned out so easy and cute I wanted to share with everyone. I hope you like it.
Creative Paperclay®
Water mist bottle
Acrylic paint
Acrylic glossy sealer
Printed Image
I like to cover the working area with a plastic sheet so you can remove the clay in one whole piece.
Use your roller and start rolling a clay sheet to a 1/4 even thickness. 
Print the image you have chosen to desired size.
Cut the image out and place it on top of the rolled out clay sheet.

Trace it with a needle to cut the base shape for your Creative Paperclay®  cat figure.

Smooth any rough edges out with a wet soft flat brush.

Add some more 3D details with the Creative Paperclay® like the little cat  paws, scooter chair, scooter wheels, eyes, mouth and cat markings. Set to dry over night or if in a hurry out it in the over tray for 170 degrees no more than 200 degrees for one hour.
You can sand any imperfections out. I found the use of Sandits® to be very
helpful to sand all the details out.  Sandits® give you  full control over the area your sanding.
Check them out you will wonder how your live with out them.
Once is dry we can do the base colors for the figure.
Use at least 2 coats for each color so the image will look nice and bright.
Cat and wheels was colored in Silver gray, Scooter in Aqua pearls, Seat and steering wheel in flat pink.  Let the paint fully dry in between each coat. I actually paint it the details in the front of the figure and the back too. Set aside and let it dry.

Now that is dry it will be easier to add the black detailed line with out messing the other colors.
It is more easier to do if you use a nice fine brush and thin the black paint a little so it will not cloth all over when your painting the lines.

I could not stop on the front so I also painted the details on the back of this piece.
Once the black paint dry your ready to protect your piece with the glossy acrylic paint sealer. Set it aside to dry and your piece will be done.
This can be use has a cake topper, Magnet or a tree ornament. The choice is all yours.
Now Todays OOAK Pusheen Creative Paperclay figure was a Fan Art inspire by my Sam's favorite book covers I Am Pusheen The Cat by Claire Belton 
 Have a bless fun day!

Gloriann Irizarry

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What a wonderful idea! I hope she liked it!