Friday, September 25, 2015

How To Save Some Time

Hello, it is Ann here today with a quick tip.  I like to have "play" sessions where I pull out some Creative PaperClay® and my box of moulds and just make a whole batch of embellishments.  It is fun, therapeutic, and gives me some extra time.  It is kind of like Batch Cooking!  Except I call it Batch Claying!

Working this way gives me some extra time to focus on other aspects of my projects , and also means I have some ready made embellishments to just add to my creations.

By working in Batches I make a mess once, and clean up only once too.

I let my clay embellishments dry over night.  The following day I just gather up my pretties and store them in a container, to be used at a later date.

Just a quick tip to save you some time.  I hope that you find this useful and enjoy making more projects.  For more tips and How To's, please come over to my blog at:

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