Sunday, December 4, 2016

Tips For Working With Creative Paperclay

I love working with Creative Paperclay product for many reasons, but mostly because I love making one of a kind projects for my friends and family, and for myself too!  Yet there are times when something doesn't turn out quite as I wanted it to look!!!  

  • When you need something to be completely flat - try to put it in the oven instead of letting air dry!
  • Make pieces ahead of time, so you can simply grab things and create!  
  • Take your time in planning things out - and as your are making, use plenty of water to smooth things out as you go!  
  • Recycle products as you can to give a firm base for what you are creating!  I love to use recycled things you normally would throw away for other things!  
Not everything is going to turn out perfect - spend time and enjoy simply creating!  The project above didn't turn out "perfect" - but it did turn out the exact way I wanted it to turn out!  
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