Friday, May 13, 2022

Make a Little Sunshine by R Michael Palan

Make a Little Sunshine

Xacto knife
2.5" Styrofoam ball 

Use compass and pencil to draw a 2.5" circle. Then 
draw a 5" circle out side the smaller circle.
You will use this paper to create a stencil
to cut out sun rays on your cardboard.

Cut circle out of paper and fold in half four times.
This will divide the circle to help you create
your sun rays. 

Open folded circle. Use folds as guide and draw rays 
using a pencil and ruler. Cut paper rays and
use as stencil to draw rays on cardboard.

Cut rays out of two pieces of cardboard. Glue together.
Cover back rays with Creative Paperclay.
Glue styrofoam ball on top of cardboard rays.
Add center marks with marker and position eyes.
Push thumbs into styrofoam ball for eyes.
Cover everything with Creative Paperclay.
I let everything dry between each step.
It makes working a lot easier.

Lay a strip of Creative Paperclay on front rays.
Use thumb and index finger to create pointed edge.


Symmetry is important when making a face.
This face is far from perfect. 
The eye is a ball of Paperclay blended into
the space I pressed into the styrofoam. I pushed
a pencil into it to create the iris. Add a 
strip of Paperclay below and above for eyelids.
Nose is a strip that extends away
from the face with a round ball of clay on either side.
Add cheeks, lips, chin and eyebrow.
I let everything dry between steps.

Finish face and coat with gesso.

I gave this two coats of terre cotta paint.

I lightened the terre cotta paint with yellow and tan
to add some highlights. I then glued the sun to a
stick on put it in a house plant. You can add a
hook to the back and hang it on the wall also.

Have Fun with Your Project
🌻R Michel Palan

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