Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Easy Valentines Idea - From Lynda

Hello everyone, I apologize for this post being late - it's been an interesting time in the past few weeks, and I am a bit behind because of it all!  I really love to do easy projects, or projects that can be tweaked into anything you would want!  This project is no different, so lets get started! 

Supply list:
Creative PaperClay
Something to flatten the clay (I use a rolling pin)
Various rubber stamps
Xacto knife
Clear jars
Paint of your choice
Adhesive (I used hot glue)

Step one:  Flatten out your clay so it's about 1/8" or so...  You don't want it "too" flat!  
Step two:  Take your stamps and stamp in to the clay, making a firm impression.
Step three:  Using your Xacto knife, cut out the stamped shapes, let dry.
Step four:  Using your paint, paint the stamped clay images as soon as they are dry enough.
Step five:  Take the 2 pieces to the lid, cover the flat round part with ribbon - I put strips down to cover the silver piece.  Take hot glue - and glue this to the underneath part of the other part of the lid.  
Step six:  After pieces have dried completely, add to the lids of the jars to decorate.  
Step seven:  Add ribbon to the lid to finish decorating the piece!

I am putting chocolates in it - and will give away for Valentines day!  I really had fun doing both of the jars - and depending on the holiday at hand, I can create one of a kind projects for every holiday!  I hope you enjoyed today's idea...and I am sorry it is late!  
Lynda Jeffs
Creative PaperClay Design Team and

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Charmed Confections said...

Hi Lynda! I love decorating mason jars. Would be super cute with tiny baby food jars filled with M&Ms for a small Valentine gift. Thanks for tutorial. LeeAnn