Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's Never Too Late (to add on to a sculpture) -- Tip #3 by LeeAnn Kress

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the Creative Paperclay® Blogsite!  It's LeeAnn with my Tip #3 for you!

Have you ever sculpted something, sanded, painted and varnished it, and then thought ... gee, I wish I would have sculpted more to it?  Most of the time, I do all my changes to my art piece in the sketch stage.  This is where I will draw up a picture, erase a million times, and then finally come up with a concept I like.  I will then continue on to sculpt the piece.  Well, sometimes my finished sculpts still need a little something.

This is what happened to a little witch I have currently been working on.  I know ... witches in January?  Let me explain.  I belong to an artists group that does Halloween 365 days a year.  So, it's Halloween for me all year long. Good thing, I absolutely love it!!

I am going to show you that it is never too late to add Creative Paperclay® to an already made up piece.  

Here is my little witch.  You can see that her face and body are already painted and ready to be embellished.  Well, the more I looked at her, the more she needed fingers.  So, even though she is was in the final stage, I pulled out my Creative Paperclay® and added her missing fingers by sculpting right on top of the finished area.

I thought that I might have to sand the area before the clay would stick, but no.  That is the beauty of Creative Paperclay® ... it sticks to anything!  Love that!!   I just added a "little" water to the area I wanted the clay to attach to and it stuck.  Amazing!!

Here I am adding clay to another witch body.  (I usually work on several pieces at a time.)  I love to use paint brushes to sculpt with ... I'm kinda like those gals who use paintbrushes to sculpt acrylic nails.  Ha! Ha!  The paintbrush lets me smooth out the clay and really get into those tiny areas.  I just wet my brush a little and go.

In the picture above, you can see how the clay is clouding up my painted black area.  Once your hands are sculpted, wipe down the surrounding areas with a slightly damp cloth. When my sculpted hands are completely dry, I will sand them to blend them into the original sculpt.  Then I will seal the clay, paint again, touch up any area I might have damaged in the sculpting process, stain and varnish the piece again.

Here is a picture of my witch and her pretty gloved hands.  Now that's more like it!  
With Creative Paperclay® it is never to late to add on to your work of art!  

Hope you enjoyed this tip!  Come by and see me on my blogsite at and say hello.  If you have any questions or comments, just post them here and I will get back to you!

Have a wonderful week!  Until next time ~~ LeeAnn Kress 


Diane said...

What a wonderful tip LeeAnn!
And the cutest witch i ever did see :)


Charmed Confections said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Diane. I really appreciate it. Glad you liked the tip! --LeeAnn

Susan at said...

She's awesome! I love her!

Great tip too! Certainly a benefit of Creative Paperclay over polymer. I once re-baked a polymer piece after it had acrylic paint on it - the paint did not survive the heat!

Michelle Bloch said...

LeeAnn, you have so many great tips and are sooo talented! Healthy wishes to you my dear {{hugs}}

Donna said...

Thanks for another great tip LeeAnn. Love the witches! Another great job!

Cindi McConnell said...

Another fantastic tip LeeAnn. You make it look so easy !

Charmed Confections said...

Thanks everyone! I am glad you liked the tip. Good to know in case you want to add on to something already made. Have a wonderful week! LeeAnn

Carly Smith said...

Hi there Darling...Carly Smith of Boggy Bottom Bayou here! Great tip...I never would have guess anyone could do that with a finished piece...therefore you have saved several of my sculpts from the "Rubbish" pile! Thank You!

Carol Stuck said...

Awesome tut, LeeAnn. I am truly learning a thing or two....ha!


LuLu said...

Great blog post! wonderful tip :)

Charmed Confections said...

Thanks Carly, Carol and LuLu. Glad you like the.tutorial. Happy paperclaying!

Nereid Design said...

Hi LeeAnn, love the witch and the tip. You said you seal the clay before you paint. What are you sealing it with? I have been painting directly on the clay and wondering what benefits are for sealing first. Thanks ~Lisa

Charmed Confections said...

Hi Lisa, Glad you asked. I usually seal my clay sculptures with a white guesso. The benefits are that it fills in any tiny imperfections and my paint goes on smoother. I know a lot of artists that do not do this and their pieces are still outstanding. So, I think it is more of a preference. Happy sculpting! LeeAnn

Charmed Confections said...

Hi Lisa, See my message below in answer to your question. LeeAnn

Nereid Design said...

Thanks for the info! ~Lisa