Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Painting Techniques And Tips for Creative Paperclay by Gloriann Irizarry

Hi my dear friends, followers and collectors is me Gloriann Irizarry once more with great tips and painting techniques. I wanted to share the many ways you can paint your Creative Paperclay.
 I had try many different ways to do this now I wanted to share them out so you can choose your favorite technique on your next project.
Here is the Genesis Artist Colors

Oil paints that will stay liquid until they are heat set.
I really like the Genesis paints with the paper clay projects.

I can create layers of details heat set them and work with another layer and not be afraid to smear or damage all the details.

It really adhere well and is absorb very nicely.  I like it because it doesn't peel off once is dry and can be easily seal with flat, gloss or mate spray sealant.

I use the Genesis paint in this Project and satin sealant.

Same here this other bunny I used the Genesis heat set paints. I love how well the paint adhere to the clay evenly. First layer is finished and set. Now will be send to the more painting details. 

In this project the bunny was painted with the Genesis heat set paints and seal with glossy sealer.

Here the bunny was painted and seal with mate sealer. The other details were glued and it took very well. No peeling off chips or white spots shown.

For this little Cupid I use the genesis heat set paints once more. I love how easy it is to blush by diluting the paint with mineral oil.

I heat set the body and then work on the details then heat set it once more.

Another technique is adding alcohol inks to the clay and mix it with the paper clay.
I also like this way because you can color the clay before you sculpt.
This will make it easier to add details and don't have to worry about having a uneven coat of paint over your project.

 Here you can see the difference on these 2 sculpts. They are the same shape but using the inking techniques. It dries beautiful . Have in mind to add enough ink to your clay and remember it will dry a tone lighter.

Now here is one of my FAVORITES ever. Sakura hobby craft 3d crystal lacquer and Terri Sproul Mixers by Sakura Hobby CraftsThis paint you mixt it your self. I start with the clear 3D crystal lacquer and your favorite color of the Terri Sproul Mixers.
I can add has much mix to the lacquer until I have the right tone. 
 Once ready paint over your Project. Sakura 3D lacquer is water base. I like to use old brushes, because the lacquer will dry quickly and will need to be wash very well after each use.

It gives a very nice metallic look to any Creative Paperclay creation and will add dimension to any detail you paint with it. 

Let now talk about the acrylics. There so many brands and shines you can choose from. I try to stay away from them because it usually required 2 coats for the pigment to look best and sometimes if peels off showing white patches. But with practice and used you will learn how far you can push it.

The better quality paint you use the better results you will get on your final pieces.

For brighter colors I use 2 coats sometimes even 3 to get a even bright tone all over the piece.
Sealer will also help you achieve the look your trying to achieve. 
Glossy, flat, frost or mate have in consideration the colors might change once they are applied.

For a more natural skin tone I like to use satin tones. These paints will not shine has much with the light and will give your figure a more real skin feel. For skin tones sealer I prefer frost, flat or mate sealers to make sure it will not look fake. Try and see which one you like the best.

I use the liquitex mostly for small detailed projects. The pigments are a lot stronger and it doesn't required has many coats to achieve a nice even tone. 

I love pearl tones over my Creative Paperclay projects. There are many acrylic paints now out there with this great translucent look. I got my self a nice package of the Martha Stewart Pearl Acrylic Paints but feel free to try others and choose your favorite. Now if you dont find your favorite color tone out there  in this wonderful pearl effect you can create your own too. Is very easy to make. Mix and create your own one of a kind color. Once your satisfy you get the Terri Sproul Mixer Shimmer Mica tone and add a little them mix. Now you can keep adding more and more until you achieve your favorite pearl tone. 

Here are some pieces painted on the Pearl Effect Acrylics.

The more coats applied the more brighter will look. I like to seal with glossy to enhance the light tones on the piece and make it more attractive.

Glossy sealed pieces made by Gloriann Irizarry 

Well I hope this help you choose your favorite paint method and feel free to leave a comment or email me any questions at Gloriann@byglori.com

remember to have a bless day and happy crafting. 

Your blogger friend 


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Fantastic tips, Gloriann! Really loved all in information you went over. Just wonderful! Thank you! LeeAnn

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