Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Delight-Ful Tip, By Diane

Hello there,
 hey, how was Valentine's day?   Did you spoil your Valentine rotten!  That's what we creatives do.. right?   We express ourselves with love, kindness and a heart-felt handmade gift ...

  I kinda have to  brag here for a second about our Design Team, THEY ROCK!  Don't they?  I hope you all had a chance to visit each of them on the Creative Paperclay's® Blog Hop,Link Party and try out some of their projects. 

My head was just spinning with inspiration after visiting each of those creative gals. If you haven't had a chance to visit you can go HERE to see the amazing creations/ tutorials from our Designs Team.

 Today for my tip, I would like to talk about Delight Modeling Compound . As you may remember, I used this modeling material for the first time on these two tutorials. " My Eye Is on You Valentine" & " A Monster Ornament/Treat holder".

 I loved working with Delight.  It is a different clay in some aspects, like it's texture is light and fluffy- kinda like a marshmallow and when it dries, it reminds me of one of those long foam pool noodle toys, and it's so light. Perfect to use with push molds, scrapbooking amd mixed media art.

 The one thing that sticks out that I'd like to share is- I found that  whether you are using it in a push mold, sculpting it, or cutting it out, it is much easier and in the long run, quicker to smooth away your imperfections, seams and unwanted edges using your damp finger or a paintbrush.  before you allow your piece to dry.
 I found by doing this, I was able to eliminate the sanding process once my Delight piece was dried.
 Gosh, it's okay with me if I can skip the sanding step...right?

 I'd like to thank you for visiting the Creative Paperclay blog today and I hope this tip comes in handy while working with Delight Modeling compound.
If you get a chance, come on over to my place. and have a look around.

Take care and happy creating!

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Charmed Confections said...

Hi Diane, I had never used Delight before and I really love it now. Totally agree with you! It is super fun and not a lot of sanding! That makes me smile. LeeAnn