Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Working With Delight Air Modeling Compound

I have decided I love the Delight Air Modeling Compound a lot!  I love how light it is to work with, and I especially love how it is easy to shape and mold, and how it air dries, but I especially love how safe it is for kids to use!  Working with the compound is a bit different than working with the Creative PaperClay product - and handles a bit differently too!  Today's project is awesome for a child to do, or someone just starting out to create with clay!   

Supply list:  
Delight Air Modeling Compound - 1 package
Ribbon of your choice
Flowers of your choice
A bit of bling for the insides of the flowers 
Adhesive of your choice (I used a hot glue gun)

Step one:  Take the compound and split the package into 1/3rds, rolling out each of the parts into long round strip's.
Step two:  Repeat until you get 3 strands, braid the strands together.
Step three:  Take the strands and form a heart shape, leaving to air dry overnight (or longer if you need to).
Step four:  After heart has completely dried, take the ribbon and start to wrap it around the heart, creating a bow at the bottom.
Step five:  Add the flowers (or other decoration) to your heart, and you are done!  

Great easy project for the whole family to do!  **Tip - clean off the area you are going to be working at before you start to roll out the compound.  There is nothing worse than trying to pick out hair from a pet out of an awesome creation!!!**
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Lynda Jeffs
Creative PaperClay Design Team

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