Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sculpting In Layers, March Tip by Diane MacNaughtan

Hello creative friends,
 Diane here, back with a tip for Creative Paperclay®

Remembering back to when I first started sculpting with Creative paperclay®, I found it to be a bit different to the other clay's I had been working with.
 I fell instantly in love with the clay, but  there were a few things I wasn't used to, such as this clay was softer and took detail so extremely well that I found myself destroying one part I'd had sculpted while working on another part, for example; Sculpting a face.  I may have just created the nose and moved onto the mouth and while focusing so intently on the mouth my fingers may have smooshed the nose. I learned very quickly while sculpting with Creative Paperclay® , that creating in layers was the answer.

This method works perfectly.
For an example, my previous tutorial for the Chick Easter Basket was done in layers.
I put the clay on the body, then put in the oven at 175 degrees for maybe 20-30 minutes.
Then I moved onto the facial features and after those were sculpted, back to the oven they went. So on and so on until your piece is fully sculpted.

Another way is, just simply sculpting a little at a time, set aside and work on something else until a crust or hard shell forms over the area you sculpted.  This air dry method works perfectly if your working on several items at a time..

Another little trick I do is, I sand between layers.. just a quick sanding and maybe even detailed sanding if I'm working on a face.

I hope this has been a helpful tip for those who are new to Creative Paperclay®
And if you are new to the Creative Paperclay® Blog be sure to search any questions you may have creating with this wonderful clay. There are so many extremely helpful tips that just waiting for you to explore.

 Happy Creating!


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Charmed Confections said...

Great tip, Diane! That is certainly the way to do it. So much easier sculpting in layers. This tip is priceless! LeeAnn