Sunday, March 2, 2014

Peep Easter Basket, by Diane MacNaughtan

Hello creative friends,
 Diane here with a fun Spring / Easter project! I was so excited to jump into Spring creating and this little Peep basket got me even more excited for the warmer weather, green grasses and the sweet smell of flowers.

Remembering my childhood years at Easter time always makes me smile.  One year in particular, I received a little chick basket. I loved that basket and after the candy was devoured, I kept my little treasures in it.
 So, I was inspired to create a few Peep baskets this year in hopes to bring a little bit of happy to other little ones and older ones..

This was very easy to create.. It may look like many steps, but I wanted many pics. This is a great project to do multiples at a time.
If you want a larger view, click on the pictures.

Here's the supply list

1. creative paperclay
2. 4" paper Mache egg ( Hobby Lobby, Michaels)
3.tin foil
4. crepe paper, ribbon
5. pipe cleaner 
6. Paint; FolkArt-Raw Sienna,Straw, Pueblo.  Apple barrel-Whit,Black,Pale Daffodil
7. Matte Varnish or Polyurethane spray sealer
8.measuring tape
9.colored pencil
10.paint brushes and water
11.sculpting tools, straight pin
12. sharp knife or xacto
13. needle and thread
14.artist chalk or pastels
15. Candy for your basket
16, glitter (optional)

Let's get started!!!!

1. The Armature 
   With tin foil, I made a neck 1/2" tall. Then a ball about 11/2"             round. 
    Next, take your paper mache' egg and cut out a section to create       your basket. This is how you do it..The section to cut out is 21/2"     wide at the top, 2"          in length, and 11/2" at the bottom. Mark     and cut with sharp knife    or Xacto. 

 With the paper mache piece you cut out, cut length wise right           down the middle. 
Now you will have 2 pieces. The slightly long curved side will be     the top of your wing. you want to cut the bottom corner off, like       shown in the middle pic. Now set the wings aside for a moment.

Next, at the wide end of your egg mark a dot and one dot for the     opposite side. Pierce with the point of the xacto or sharp Knife.                                                            

Using hot glue, attach the neck to the wide part of the egg, then the tin foil ball to the top of the neck.

2. Adding Clay  
    Roll your clay out. Wet your egg and cover the paper mache             egg. Press and move the clay adding more if needed, then smooth     out.

Cut a 11/2" round cardboard disc and place it at the bottom of the basket. Turn your basket right side up and move disc around until you like the way the basket is sitting, then turn it back over,cover with clay and smooth. Using a little water as needed.

3. Facial Features
 Cover the head and neck with clay and blend into the body.
 Roll out 2 little balls for the cheeks add to the face and smooth in.  Then repeat for the chin, using a smaller ball of clay. Smooth to    make a nice contour.

Now that the little face is shaped we will  put in the features starting with the eye sockets.
With a flat sculpting tool, push the flat tip down at the top of the cheek, then press  in, and pull upward.
Then in the center of the socket you just made, use your ball tool, wet it then make a eye by pressing in making a circular motion.

The beak and eyebrows are next.. Take a piece of clay and form a triangle. Wet the end and position on the face, then blend the beak into the face. 
With a straight pin, draw a couple of eyebrows into the clay, then move down to the beak. Add your lines to make a smile and bring a line right around the beak. Take your flat tool and just kinda work the beak open a bit. Use your paint brush and water to smooth the lines and open the beak up more and define it.

To create a little tuft of hair take a piece of clay and pinch it into a little triangle,blend in and shape with your wet brush.

Before we go any further we need to give the little peep some baking time. Place the little fellow in the oven at 175 degrees for about 1/2 hour. Just enough to dry the face a bit so you don't mess up your masterpiece while going to the next step.

4. Giving it wings
Roll out your clay and cover the wings. Add water to the chicks body where the wings will be placed. Attach, adding clay if needed. blend in to body ,smooth out. 
Using the straight pin, add lines, follow up by smoothing the lines with a wet paintbrush.

Create the rim of the basket by rolling a long snake. Wet around the opening of basket with water and apply your clay. Wet the clay you just added and press gently to adhere. The top of the zigzag towards the basket opening, roll just the tip of the clay zigzag over and onto the inside of the basket to make sure it adheres well. You can define your basket rim with your wet brush.

Return the Peep Basket to the 175 degree oven for about an hour or until thoroughly dry.

5. Painting the Basket
Ready to paint! I wanted my peep baskets to have the vintage look, so I gave it a light sanding, then gave it two good coats of Raw Sienna, I also did the inside of the basket.
Then I applied Straw by FolkArt over the entire basket. I applied this using the dry brush technique, though I didn't dry my brush to much, leaving  just a bit of paint on the brush . The idea is to leave some of the Raw Sienna showing through in the cracks and crevices to give an aged look.
Next, I applied Pale Daffodil by Apple Barrel over the basket using the same dry brush method.
A tiny bit of white for the eyesockets ,then black for the eyes.
Pueblo by FolkArt for the beak.

After the painting was complete, I gave the basket a couple of coats of a matte sealer.


6. Finishing Touches
Create a collar using crepe paper with a gathering stitch. Attach around the neck and fluff. 
I added a bow and flower.

For the handle take your pipe cleaner from the outside going in, run one end of pipe cleaner inside the basket and roll into like a coiled snake, hot glue to the inside of basket. Repeat on the opposite side.

And Wallah! You just made a darlin' little basket for gift giving or for your Spring decor.

Thanks so much for stopping by The Creative Paperclay Blog to 
read  my tutorial. I sure hope you'll give it a try. As always, if you have any questions or if you loved the tutorial, I'd love to hear from you, just leave me a comment.



Susan at said...

He's too cute for words! Awesome project, as usual. :)

LLA Creations said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing!

Charmed Confections said...

Hi Diane! Love, love, love this tutorial! Darling chick need to make some of these for my family. I have a cousin we nicknamed Chick ... he needs one. Ha! Ha! Love this! Thanks for sharing.

Diane said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks so much! This was so much fun and easy peasy..great for mass producing for the family :)

Lisa-LLA Creations, Thanks so much you have always been such a good friend and so supportive :)

Hi LeAnn,
I would love to see your version of these.. they would looks good enough to eat! Thank you for your kind words.

Happy creating!