Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lynda's Recycled Cardboard Insert

I am all for recycled projects, this month's project, made from a packaging insert I got from a scrapbooking find!!!  I wanted something I could hang on my fridge in my kitchen, to hold "to do lists" and recipe's on!!!  I am making my space around me look nice, so these little things - will all tie together in the bigger picture soon!!!  We are starting in the kitchen and moving on from there!!!    


Supplies used:
Creative Paperclay product flattened
Filler product
Piece of chipboard
Magnet stripes
Paint (Sage green)
Binder clip
Flowers (paper, die cut and molded flowers)
Ink pad (Stampin' Up - Pistachio Pudding)
Bakers twine (Stampin' Up - white)
Hot glue

Step oneFlatten out the brick of Creative Paperclay product - see video below if you need any help there!

Step two:  Cover the front part of the chipboard shape, wrapping a small bit around to the back side.  Add a smaller piece to the back - using your fingers to blend the two pieces together.  Using your finger and water, make the Creative Paperclay smooth, especially watching the edges.  

Step three: Allow the piece to dry - making sure to turn the piece over and over again to allow for both sides to dry flat and dry consistently.  You could also try to put this in the oven for quicker dry time if you need to.  Make sure to allow a few days for this step if you don't dry it in the oven.

Step four:  Once thoroughly dried, make sure to inspect for any imperfections.  Once this had started to dry - I found a crack in it that needed to be fixed, I used some filler product we received as a design team to fix it!  Since I can't read the language on the bottle, I have no idea what it is, just that it has an awesome yellow lid and it is really great to fill in holes and cracks!   

Step five:  After everything dries - sand it on the front, back and sides, to make sure it is ready to go.  Once it is - you want to get it ready to paint the piece.  

Step six:  Put 2 coats of paint (at least) to the front and back of the piece, allowing to dry completely between coats.  

Step seven:  Start to add white bakers twine around the bottom of the piece, and the various flowers you have selected at the top and 1 on the bottom.  With the middle flowers, I added a bit of the Pistachio Pudding ink pad to the front of the flowers to add a bit of color to it!  


Step eight:  Add the 2 binder clips - one larger one at the top to add notepaper to, and the small bottom one to keep a recipe when you are cooking!  

Step nine:  Finish by adding the magnet strip's to the back of the piece!  From this picture, I added a small piece to each corner - and one more larger piece to help hold it up on the fridge!  

I can't wait to get the rest of the kitchen done - though this is the first of a few things I am creating!  I will have to purchase more paint, so I can coordinate the whole look!  This one space, will help the next space, and the next one, and the next one!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team 2016 
and Memories in Tyme    

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