Friday, July 15, 2016

Goddess Diary Necklace

Last month I showed you how to make goddess dolls using Creative Paperclay®. In this post I'll show you how I used one of my goddess dolls to make this goddess diary necklace.

Remember—I already had the goddess, so I'll walk you through making the diary. To make the diary cover, roll out a slab of Creative Paperclay® about 1/16" thick. I work on a teflon mat to make handling the clay a bit easier.

Next, measure strips of clay, and cut them with a craft knife. Remember to move the clay off the teflon mat before cutting or you'll have teflon strips. My clay strips are 1 3/8" wide.

Then, measure and the strips into 1 3/8" squares. Of course, you can make yours whatever size you desire.
Measuring the strips
Blank Covers
Now, let the cover blanks thoroughly dry. To keep them as flat as possible you can dry them on a screen and turn them frequently, or press them under a heavy book. Drying them under a weight takes a much longer drying time.

When the covers are dry, it's time to paint them. I started by sealing them with an acrylic medium. When that was dry, I dropped on small amounts of mica powders using the tips of tweezers, and recoated with the acrylic medium. Take care not to overwork the mica/medium.

Last step in my cover design was to stamp a rubber stamp image using Staz-On ink. 

I cut 1 1/4" pages for the diary. The number of your pages will be governed by the size of your jump rings. I stacked the pages with a cover on each side, and used a Crop-a-dile to pierce the holes for the jump rings. I also pierced a hole in the center bottom of the back cover to attach the goddess.

I added a jewelry bail to the back of the goddess with E-6000.
I used jump rings to attach the goddess to the back cover of the diary. Last step was adding the necklace chain.

Wear your goddess diary necklace in good health.


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