Monday, September 5, 2016

Create a Cute Halloween Goulie Wand


I don't know about you but I am so ready for fall to begin!

Today I am really excited to show you how I created my first fall craft of the season. Let's get ready to make this easy, adorable, Halloween Goulie wand.

What you will need:
Creative Paperclay®
Styrofoam balls
Americana® multi-surface acrylic paint
Wooden round dowels
Dowel caps
Matte Mod podge 
Feather trim
Black Hemp string
Painters tape
Clay roller/tools
Hot glue gun/glue
Paint brushes/water/paper towels

Lets get started:
1. Take a Styrofoam ball and a stick. Push the stick half way into your Styrofoam ball. Set stick aside.
2. Roll out your paperclay to about 1/4 inch thin.
3. Lay your Styrofoam ball on the clay and trim around the ball. Leave a little extra for wrapping around the ball.
4. Form the clay around the ball, removing any excess clay and making sure not to cover the hole.
5. Smooth the clay out with damp hands.
6.Let dry completely.
7. Paint 2 coats of white paint.
8. With a pencil , lightly hand draw out the face.
9. Paint in the face with black paint and a fine detail brush.
10. Seal it with a Matte mod podge.

Finishing Mr. Skeleton

The wand
Paint the stick white.
Use painters tape to create a striped effect.
Paint the space between the tape with black.
Paint the cap black and hot glue it on the stick.
Seal all with matte mod podge.
Glue the head on the other end of the stick with hot glue.

Creating the mini bat head.
Roll out a small ball of clay.
Flatten the ball with your finger.
Using a cutting tool, cut a triangle on the top of the circle.
Trim the other edges to create a bat head shape.
With damp fingers, smooth out the bat head.
When dry paint the face black and the eyes yellow.

The bow
Cut 3.5"of black ribbon and lay on the table.
Cut 8 strands of orange raffia various lengths and lay on top of the ribbon.
Cut a 5" piece of hemp string.
Pinch the ribbon and raffia together.
Wrap  the hemp string around them and tie it in a knot.
Tie the collar with the hemp string around the stick.
Hot glue in place and trim the ends.

Hot glue the bat head on the middle of the knot.
Cut 2"of feather trim.
Attach it around the back of the skeleton head, attaching to both sides of the back of the ribbon with hot glue.

My 4 yr. old grandson loved Mr. Skeleton! Because I had so much fun making him, I ended up creating a few more. Meet my monster and pumpkin Goulie wand.

I hope you enjoyed my first fall craft post. Come back later this month for a helpful tip that I use when creating with paperclay.

Happy Creating,
My Altered Life blog