Thursday, June 1, 2017

Make 3 dimensional embellishments

Hi, It's Jenn here and today I would like to share with you how to make your own 3-dimensional embellishments using Creative Paperclay®  and some other items you may not have used before or even thought of! You can create so many things with embellishments! Add them to mixed media, cards, tags, and so much more! The possibilities are endless.
So Let's get started with some of my favorites!
 Silicone Molds

Pictured above are some different types of molds I like to use.
To Use: Always brush your mold with some cornstarch lightly. This makes it much easier for you to remove final pieces.
Next press clay into mold firmly to pick up all of the detail.
In this mold: the smaller piece is paperclay and the larger is Delight. I let them dry for a few minutes at least and then remove.
You can create several at a time and save them for later projects as I do. You can then paint them and add to your projects! Make sure you allow pieces to dry completely before painting. Apply gesso before color as well.
Cookie Cutters

I like to use metal cookie cutters to create basic shapes. You can use them in combination with pieces from molds as I did above as well.

Flat Texture Stamps
For these I used Delight. They make great flat backgrounds for mixed media projects to add texture and dimension. When using these, brush with cornstarch to avoid clay sticking.

Fondant Punches
These are great with Delight Air Dry Modeling Compound ® and Creative Paperclay Modeling Material ® ! These are found in cake decorating departments at Michael's and Hobby Lobby stores. I like these because they have a plunger and once the clay is in them and you press the plunger it releases the clay very easily. They come in a variety of shapes.

Lastly, I would like to show you a few tools I use in addition to normal clay working sets to help press, move and remove clay from cutters and molds.
Here are some items created using the above tools and tips!

I hope you have enjoyed these tips and are inspired to create something fun with your Delight Air Dry Modeling Compound ® and Creative Paperclay Modeling Material ® 
See you all again soon! These clays are both available for purchase at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Joann's stores as well as the online store here!