Friday, March 18, 2011

Creative Paperclay Design Team Call

Do you love Creative paperClay or Delight PaperClay? Then this call is just for you.
What we are looking for in a 6 member Design Team:

) Creative PaperClay Design Team Term is for 6 months from May 1st until the end of October 2011

2) Create a minimum of 2 projects per month to be featured on both your blog and Creative PaperClay blog and be active on facebook You will be given a date to post your project on our blog. I hope you are a follower of their blog!

3) Promote Creative PaperClay by posting projects on other online galleries, facebook and blogs with working links to the store.

4) In the event that you do not complete any of the above requirements Creative PaperClay has the right to remove you from the DT and fill the position with another candidate from the waiting list.

5) Open to US residents only!

What you get if you are on the team

1) Product sent to you once a month for the term you are on the team.

2) Your Bio and photo with link to your blog on our blog

How to apply:

1) Send your Bio to Terri@ultimatescrapbookretreat and then post 2 of your BEST Paperclay projects on your blog on April 15th to be reviewed my me. Send me your bio as soon as you can. Post projects with links, directions and our logo. Please in your regard on your email - please place Paperclay DT - this way you don't get deleted (i get lots of spam mail)

You can find paperclay at Michael and Joanne or at the Paperclay store

You can copy the logo from my blog or Paper Clay blog - Or i will send to you when you send me your bio.

If you have question - please contact and BEST of luck - Can't wait to see how you impress me..

Also become a follower of Terri Sproul blog as she is our team leader...

Pradtice Random acts of crafting with Paperclay!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to Make a Mold and use with PaperClay

Here is another amazing product you must have to work with your Creative Paperclay.
I made a short video on how to use. Go to Creative Paperclay to purchase your Amazing Mold Putty.... You can't live without this stuff...

Hope you enjoy....

Practice Random Acts of Crafting with PaperClay..
Terri Sproul

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DT call

I see we are getting a lot of interest in the Design Team. I don't have all the detail worked out yet. Will be putting out a call soon. So become a follower of this blog and Terri Sproul blog (as she will be our Team Leader) and watch for the call... Will be soon...

Tell your friends about this blog - let build us the followers...

Paperclay book cover

Here is a video on how to make a PaperClay book cover...

If you would like to see the rest of this book - check out Terri Sproul blog and see the whole book including how to bind the book with Safety Pins and make great embellishments for the inside of your book

Stop by again soon, more exciting stuff happening here soon.. Like a DESIGN TEAM CALL!