Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Making a thin gourd wonderful with Creative Paperclay®


My project this time transformed a very thin ugly little gourd into a beautiful bowl. I had this gourd for quite some time because when I cut it open and cleaned it the gourd was super thin. I set it aside rather than work with it. I was looking for something else the other day and came across this gourd and had the bright idea that I could save it and transform it with some Creative Paperclay®.

2003-01-14 16.34.09        2003-01-14 16.34.20

Not very pretty is it? I don’t know if you can see how thin it is but take my word for it. The first thing I did was cover the gourd with Creative Paperclay®.

2003-01-14 17.49.37        2003-01-14 17.49.49

Once the paperclay was applied to the gourd, I first let it completely dry and then sanded it smooth by hand. I then painted the inside of the gourd black. On the outside I mixed up some Sakura Crystal Lacquer and Terri Sproul Mixers, Tanzanite Blue Shimmer and Green Shimmer and painted it on the gourd. When that was finished and dry, I added some mosaic black tiles and voila’ look what we have now!

              2003-01-16 15.51.07                          2003-01-16 15.50.56

So here you see the finished project, this gourd is really beautiful. Can you see the shimmer on it? I love the look of that shimmer and I love this color. Look at the before and then look at the after. Wow, quite a difference isn’t it? Creative Paperclay® is a great paperclay to work with and I’ve been using it for quite a long time. You need to try it too!



Monday, August 27, 2012

Quick Tip For working with Creative Paperclay®


Whenever you work with Creative Paperclay® use something else to build your base whenever possible. This way you will reduce the amount of clay that you use. You can make your clay go twice as far and still create some beautiful pieces. Your clay will also dry much faster. There are so many things that you can use to create a base on which to mold your clay, aluminum foil, wire, styrofoam, wooden dowels and even gourds, just to name a few. So the next time you start to create a piece made out of Creative Paperclay® make a rough base or body of the piece to be made and add your clay to that. You’ll be glad that you did.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Creature out of Creative Paperclay

I am so happy that Halloween is coming and I have my house decorated inside all year long with Halloween stuff. This month I made a ghoul with horns and a mask on his knees lurking. This was so much fun! I love making dolls in general and have made and sold so many but I wanted to do a creepy kind of doll but not too creepy.
First I made the structure from cheap wire. I made the body, arms, legs and head and then taped it with masking tape to add more strength. Then I took the Creative PaperClay and used it to cover the whole structure with the paperclay. I added a mask and horns and a few other little embellishments that I wanted to give him. I let it dry and then painted the body part green and the rest black. I textured his face a bit and painted it a black/red and his horns and eyes red. I love my little piece and it will be added to my other clay pieces sitting around that I love to make! I hope this inspires a Halloween Craft out of you and when you do, you use Creative paperclay to do it with! It is so fun to use with kids!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Annie Bella's Creative Paperclay Tip for August

Creative Paperclay is one of the most versatile products I have ever used.  Not only is it easy to sculpt it is very easy to shape.   If you want to make something with it that is rounded or has a particular shape it is easy to do.  For instance if you want to make a mask simply roll out a thin layer of the clay to the size of the mask and lay it on the inside of the mask.  When it dries it will maintain that shape.  If you want to make sometime even more rounded like a candle holder or bowl, you can shape a thin layer of the clay around a balloon.  When it dries it will maintain that shape and can be cut and sanded afterwards.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Edie's August Tip

Hey everyone, it's Edie and I have a great tip for you today. When you are working with Creative Paperclay® the sky is the limit. That includes the type of tool you can use. I use everything from tooth picks and paint brushes, to real 'sculpting tools' and even toys that I get form my son. Creative Paperclay® is very forgiving so try using unconventional tools in your next project!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lyneen's Quick Tip for August

Today I would like to share my tip for working with Creative Paperclay® and large unmounted stamps.  In this demo I rolled my Creative Paperclay® on a transparency placed of a glass surface.  It is easier to remove the clay from a flexible transparency rather than a stiff glass surface.  Note: A craft sheet would work also.  
In May (HERE) my tip was all about  rolling out Creative Paperclay® it is important to keep the thickness of the clay consistent. To do this I use foam-core board.  I put two or three pieces together for the thickness I desire. Make sure the thickness of the foam-core is deeper than the image on the stamp. 

Once you have the desired size of Creative Paperclay® rolled out gently lay the stamp on the clay. Careful not to press on the stamp before you intend to.  Roll the rolling pin over the entire stamp applying even pressure.

Use a craft knife and slowly cut around the stamped image. 

Once the image is air dried  remove the ruff edges using sandpaper and a emery board.  Check out the detail of the image!


Tools to work with clay (rolling pin, craft knife)

Mark your calendar for our Blog Hop next month!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Debbies Tip.... drilling

Hi all!
Did you know that you can drill Creative Paperclay® when its dry without cracking?

I drilled the fern pieces to make them into pieces for a necklace.

So get onto it and start drilling your pieces today!
Thanks so much everyone for dropping by!
-Debbie Buckland

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Tip with ANg

Creative Paperclay is alot of fun to play and experiment with! Here is what i did yesterday. Grabbed my fav supplies, pretty rubber stamps and Creative Paperclay.
I impressed the rubberstamp into the clay, using water as a release. What this mean is rub a small bit of water over the entire stamp, once impressed into the clay it will come out easier. While the clay was moist I gently cut out the butterfly. TIP: WHILE THE CLAY IS MOIST PINCH AND GENTLY MOLD THE BUTTERFLY WINGS, SO WHEN THEY DRY THEY HAVE A DIMENSIONAL LOOK TO THEM. IT MAKES THE WINGS LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE JUST LANDED!
Once painted these will look really pretty and dimensional. The finished project is for later this month. STAY TUNED. Art on, ANg

Monday, August 13, 2012

August Tip

I love making dolls and to make a great armature just use pipecleaners! You can even tape around them if you want. You can bend them to match the shape you want and how you want your body to stand and look.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mixed Media with Buttons

I have always had an obsession with buttons.  They are like mini pieces of art all on their own.  So this month I decided to try and make my own.  I used both Creative Paperclay and Delight Air Dry Modeling Compound.  After I painted my buttons I also gave them a top coat with Terri Sproul Mixers and 3D Crystal Lacquer.

I found that with both products the buttons came out great.  The only difference was that the ones that I did with the Delight Air Dry Modeling Compound had more of a puffy appearance than the one's I did with the Creative Paperclay.

There are so many differnt ways to use buttons in your work.  I am showing you just one.  Also, these buttons are not for clothes because they are not washable.

Here is the final piece:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mushroom Fairy Part 1

Hey everyone, it's Edie.

Do you ever go through artistic phases? You know, those times where all you want to do is paint roses or make ATC’s. Right now I am on an art doll kick. I am currently working on my largest art doll EVER, and in the mean time this little fairy came to life. Actually, she took over and would not let me sleep until she was finished!!! You can view the full video tutorial below.

The whole project isn’t actually finished, but at least the fairy part is done. You will have to wait until next month to see the totally finished project ;) I created a wire armature and completely covered it on Creative Paperclay® and sculpted her face. Once she was dry, I painted the entire thing with acrylic paint in portrait pink, then used a flesh tint to paint the shadows and white for the highlights. I painted all of her facial features and dress using acrylic craft paint in metallic peridot and napa red.

I cut a small piece of lace for the base of her skirt. I added several strips of yarn and ribbon, to give it a bit of flair and whimsy, then glued it in place.

I have these really unique, “fairy wing” leaves that fall from the tree in my front yard. I coated both sides of the leaves with melted bees wax, and then attached them with fabric glue.

I made my own spray ink by mixing butterscotch and cranberry re-inker with water. I then sprayed a small section of undyed wool roving to get the color I wanted for her hair, then I glued it in place with more fabric glue.


For the finishing touch, I colored a chipboard butterfly sticker with glitter gel pens and glue it in her hands.

As I said, this is only part one of the entire project, so you will have to tune in next time to see the finished piece. I have already begun working on it and it is SO cute!

You can see more of my work on my blog.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Creative Paperclay® Pocket

What inspired this project are the vintage wall pockets I come across in my treasure hunts through antique stores and estate sales.  I thought why not make my own.  The Creative Paperclay® pocket could be used for a number of things.  Instead of a card for a birthday stuff this with a few treats.  Hang it on the wall where you take your rings off and keep them in the pocket.  Make one to hold dried  flowers. The list can go on.   

Roll out Creative Paperclay® thin, about an 1/8 of an inch. I use core board as shims to keep the thickness of the Creative Paperclay® even.

Cut two pieces. (All measurements are approximate.)  I just cut as I made the pocket. One approximately 4" x 4". The second, top edge 5", sides 3", bottom 4". On the second stamp with swirl stamp. (Swirls from Viva Las Vegastamps!)

Using water smooth the edges of the two pieces. Attach the smaller piece to the larger using water to create a slip.

Punch two holes in the top corners to use to hang the pocket or just tie ribbons to it.

To keep the form of a pocket while drying crumple up some tin foil and put it in the pocket.

Paint the pocket with Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer and Terri Sproul Mixers - Bronze.  It has vintage look. Set aside to dry.

Add a bit of ribbon for hanging.

All you nee is flowers and now you have a beautiful wall pocket! Change to flowers with the seasons for a fresh look. 

Hope I have inspired you to make your own little or BIG Creative Paperclay® pockets!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Making your own scrapbook embellishments with stamps

Hi all Debbie back here with you...

I have been experimenting some more with my own stamps. And making my own Paperclay embellishments!

The bird house below is made from molding a stamp and putting paperclay inside the mold to get an embellishment....

This tutorial you will need:
  • Amaizing mold putty
  • Creative Paperclay®
  • Your own stamps
  • Some release agent like light powder or gel

 Here is how I did it....


Thanks for dropping by!
Debbie Buckland