Wednesday, June 12, 2019

End of the School Year...A look back at the many ways Creative PaperClay can be used in the classroom

In my role as an Art Teacher (K-8th grade) I introduce my students to a variety of materials during the school year.  Nothing gets more excitement than when I pull out clay!  I am blessed to have a kiln in my classroom, but to be perfectly honest I prefer Air Dry clays and polymer clays for the ease of use.  My go-to airdry mediums are (of course) Creative PaperClay and Delight Air Dry ❤

Here are the many ways I have used Creative PaperClay and Delight Air Dry in my classroom this year:

4th grade used magazines to create recycled woven baskets.  Once complete we needed to create something to go into the baskets...eggs were the perfect choice!  Out came the Delight Air Dry clay.  The students loved that color can easily be mixed into the clay rather than colored on top...just dap the washable marker onto the clay and then mix in!  Easy peasy.  You can see from the photos no 2 eggs turned out exactly the same.



Next up: Jim Dine hearts
I created these with my 3rd graders.  We looked at many Jim Dine art pieces and talked about the colors, shapes, and designs.  They each created a background with tongue depressors focusing on color and pattern.  Next class we pulled out the clay.  I shared my example (bottom) and demoed how to mix color into the Delight Air Dry clay.  I encouraged them to make a variety of colors....a couple of students only processed "multiple colors" and added all the colors to the entire ball of clay.  Thankfully even "mud" can be gorgeous in the hands of a child (see far left photo).
NOTE:  This was a parent favorite ❤




Next up:  Easter Crosses
I teach art in a Catholic school so I am able to create religious pieces with students throughout the year.  For Easter, my 2nd graders used Creative PaperClay to create a cross or crucifix.  We talked about the thickness and how to best attach components to each other (a dab of water rubbed onto one piece and then the other attached was the favorite method).  I had a variety of texture sheets and texture tools for them to use.  ALL loved how easily the clay accepts texture.
For the background students could choose a wooden picture frame or a canvas.  Both were painted for the "perfect" backdrop.  For the frames, students chose a piece of wallpaper to cover the cardboard center.  Crosses were then glued into place.





Time for a Christmas project with my 1st graders.  We used Delight Air Dry for this project.  Again I demoed how to mix color into the clay rather than color on top.  I was WOWWED by what they accomplished!  Pieces dried in place, then were glued down with Elmer's school glue.  Heirloom project sure to be showcased year after year ❤

The final project of the year for my 6th graders featured Pop Art.  What better way to get POP than with clay??  The students used foam core, paint, and cardstock for bases.  Some created Benday dots using bubble wrap to print. The final step was to create lettering.  Some used cutters, but most free-formed letters to create a motion word.  Words dried in place and then were glued down (again with Elmer's school glue).  I think everyone can agree they all did an amazing job! 



I hope you have enjoyed this little walk through my year.  I look forward to introducing my students to more projects in the coming year using these fabulous products!

Friday, June 7, 2019

June 2019 First Friday Fan Day

Need some inspiration for your next Creative Paperclay® project? Check out what folks are making with Creative Paperclay™.

Animal Tea Bag Holder
Leaf Print Pendants
Moon Mobile
Air Plant Pots
Fourth of July Tea Light Holder

Cream Puff Charm
Red, White and Blue Pendant
Paperclay Ladybug

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Find the answers to your paperclay questions. See what other folks are creating. Stop by our Facebook group and say, "Hi!" Creative Paperclay Q&A

Monday, June 3, 2019

A Starfish Wall Hanging Made with Delight Clay™

Hello and welcome to the Creative Paperclay Blog! I have decided to start an under the sea theme as beach days are upon us, so my next few tutorials will be all based on something from under the sea; corals,  fish, sea creatures, etc. Today I will share with you how to make a starfish. We will be using Delight Clay™.

The supplies you will need are:

Follow along in the video below:

Here are more pictures.

You can share your creations with us on our Facebook page. We would love to see them! For more inspiration have a look around the blog. There are tutorials for many levels using Creative Paperclay®. You can also visit my blog

You can find Creative Paperclay® online at Creative Paperclay Co and also at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Dickblick, and Amazon. 

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

How to transform a bottle with Creative Paperclay

I had this old bottle for quite some time and it just sat there wanting me to do something with it. The inspiration finally hit me and I decided to use my Creative Paperclay to make it beautiful.

Supplies Needed for this Project:

Words typed on paper
Spray sealer

These are a few of the things that I used in making over a plain glass bottle.

It all started with a simple bottle.  I conditioned my Creative Paperclay and then rolled it out to about 1/4" thickness. Use a little of your glue and put it on your bottle. Take the clay and wrap it around the bottle. Trim all the excess clay off the bottle and smooth it with a little water until you can't tell where it starts and ends. 

Use a mold of the face of the sun and place it onto a ball of the clay and push it into the bottle opening. Pull the clay back out and apply a little glue to it before inserting it back in.
Roll out a piece and make lines in it to look like a collar standing up. Wrap it around the sun just below the face. Roll out a snake that is not very thick and make marks in it to look like rope. Wrap that around below the collar.

Paint all of the bottle part in Plaid colorshift paint. Paint the head and collar of the bottle in Plaid Paints that you choose. Glue your embellishments on in any manner you choose. The wording on this bottle says " And the greatest of these is love." Make the bottle your own with the words and decorations that you choose.


Spray seal your bottle with a good finish and there you have it! Who would even think that there was a bottle underneath that beautiful exterior.

Check out the Creative Paperclay and the Delight Clay, you'll be glad you did. Plaid Online has some amazing paints and products that you need to take a look at too.


Friday, May 24, 2019

How to Create a Mask With Creative Paperclay®

Hello everyone! My name is Cinnamon Willis and I am going to walk you through the steps on how I created this mask. I wanted to create another persona for this doll and I figured a mask would be the right way to go about it.


Creative Paperclay®
Saran Wrap
Masking tape
Sand paper
Acrylic paint
Sealer, Varnish

I first placed saran wrap around the head of a doll that I previously made. Make sure to wrap the head really tight and secure with masking tape when you do. This part is crucial so that the mask fits snug around the face.

Place a layer of clay over the wrapped face, make sure to press the clay down into all of the crevices under the nose, and eyes and wrap it around the face as close as possible. This will help ensure that the clay will fit snug onto the face when it dries. Also be sure to add clay to the sides of the face going back towards the ears. It’s better to have more clay that ends up being sanded down in the long run then to not have enough to work with later. 
Optional: While the clay is still moist, get a needle and make a hole on each side to attach a piece of string later to tie the mask onto the doll’s head to hold it in place.  

Allow the clay to dry overnight. Do a light sanding to get it to a level of smoothness that you are looking for. At this point you can start to work on some of the facial features.  

Here I let the mask dry and sanded down some of the sides to get them both even. I worked on the eyes a bit and allowed it to dry so that I could come back and work on it in a few more stages.

At this stage the features are all done and the mask is all sanded down and smooth. It is ready to be painted.

While creating this piece, I had some of the colorful masks that I seen in New Orleans in mind. The design for this one in particular came from a porcelain one that I brought as a souvenir. Make sure that you seal whatever design that you create with varnish when you are done.

Thank you all once again for stopping by, and I hope that you enjoyed today's tutorial! You can find Creative Paperclay® at the following retailers Creative Paperclay® Online Store, Michael'sAmazon, Joann's.

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